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Mon, Sept. 23

Diet Center's Tip of the Week: Do rules help with weight loss success?

Eunice Mesick

Eunice Mesick

Yes, rules don’t have to be negative where weight loss is concerned. Setting up rules for ourselves is key to long-term weight loss. Diet Center program guidelines include drinking 64 ounces of water daily, measuring and weighing our foods to ensure correct serving sizes, and limiting sodium intake.

However, we should work on internalizing these guidelines. Practice living by these rules so that it becomes a habit for us to measure our portion sizes, look at sodium content on label,s and get familiar with reading labels.

Why is it important to read labels? One of many reasons why it is important for us to learn how to label read is the existence of deceptive labels. A couple of examples include “wheat crackers” and “real-fruit beverage.” When you see a box of wheat crackers, what do you think? That the crackers are made with high fiber wheat, right? The word wheat is just referring to the fact that the crackers are made from refined wheat flour. Refined wheat flour is the kind of starch that has little fiber, and that could raise our insulin levels (leading to low blood sugar levels and increased cravings). Some “wheat” crackers have less fiber than a slice of white bread!

What should I look for when I am looking for whole wheat products? If the label says refined flour, it’s not whole wheat or whole grain flour any longer. If it says stone ground that could also be referring to refined flour.

When you see “real fruit beverage” you think that the beverage is as nutritious as consuming fruit. These beverages only contain about 5% fruit juice. Also, an average 20 ounce bottle contains about 300 calories or more! A fresh piece of fruit is certainly more nutritious and contains about five times less calories than that so-called fruit drink. Be careful when reading labels. Make sure you look at the nutritional content and not just the name or claims on the box. Misleading names can lead you off track from your weight loss success. Look for juices that say 100% fruit juice. Most of the time it is better to drink water and eat the whole fruit.

Try to think of these guidelines as new rules to live by, rather than just temporary rules while you’re on a diet or weight-loss program. The guidelines you follow in a Diet Center program should become second nature to you by the time you have reached your goal weight. For example, consuming three to five servings each, of high fiber fruits and vegetables daily; should become as routine as brushing your teeth. Maintaining a lifestyle that incorporates the guidelines that helped you lose the weight will help you permanently keep off the weight!

Thank you for reading Diet Center’s tip of the week. If you are struggling with weight loss, please call 928-753-5066 or stop by 1848 Hope Ave.

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