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Rants and Raves | July 28, 2019

The curve where Eastern Street becomes Kenwood Avenue will be widened to improve safety.
(Photo by Travis Rains/Daily Miner)

The curve where Eastern Street becomes Kenwood Avenue will be widened to improve safety. (Photo by Travis Rains/Daily Miner)

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

If we’re the greatest, why are citizens suffering? We’re individualistic – favor personal over government responsibility. Government would over-regulate it, ration care, consider age of patient. People will go for sniffles, taxes will increase. Physician reimbursement will be restricted (ie: Medicare), thus the doctors left would mass exit.

Kiosks: They are a waste of money. Just another fixture for vandalism. Tourists use the internet to view our community along with the Powerhouse information center.

Gerald Richardson trial: These trigger happy shooters don’t consider the repercussions of their actions until they are sitting in jail and have ample time to think about what they’ve done. They usually have no remorse and blame the system for their incarceration.

Phase 1 of Eastern Street improvements are eyed for summer 2021: Kudos City Engineers for thoughtful improvements to local traffic. The resulting shorter distance for exiting Airway onto Eastern (Lomalai) will, however, leave the right hand lane at the Andy Devine intersection very laborious. Please add a right only lane there.

New Dairy Queen opened: Very best wishes, Dairy Queen. It’s about time. I pledge to do my part; hope you have a lot of hot fudge and bananas.

If we’re the greatest, why are citizens suffering: It is going to get worse if our president does what he threatens to do and screws senior citizens out of their EARNED Social Security. The government has “borrowed” from it for decades and won’t pay it back.

Governor and AG want lawmakers, not voters, to craft pot legislation: Is anyone surprised that our governor does NOT want the people to be a part of crafting the laws that will govern them. I’m not. Does he understand the oath he took to serve the people and not his party affiliates.?

We should be asking the citizenship census question: The purpose of the Census is to help determine what needs an area will have for the coming 10 years. HOW MANY PEOPLE, NOT CITIZENS . Non-citizens work, pay taxes, spend money; they are part of the economy!. The question is UNNECESSARY!

If only President Trump would channel George Costanza: Too late for the tweeter in chief. I am not a Democrat or Republican, but I’ve had enough. I’m NOT voting for Trump.

Any ideas of what to do with the historic jail? Please don’t destroy our past in the name of progress. Convert it into an old western museum showing our history. That old jail has a lot of untold stories about our town. Isn’t it on the Historic Register?

Phase 1 of Eastern Street improvements are eyed for summer 2021: That IS good news. I rode my bicycle down Eastern for years, dangerous, no shoulder, crumbling pavement. When they closed Louise over the tracks, traffic really picked up.

We should be asking the census citizenship question: Since the Census began we have NEVER asked about citizenship. It’s not relevant! It has only come up now because the “Pied-Piper of White Nationalism” is using it as a big dog whistle – and you are falling for it!

If we’re the greatest, why are citizens suffering: European countries like Luxembourg and the Netherlands have 50% plus tax rates. Are you ready to give up that much of your income for government to “take care” of you? Free healthcare isn’t free!

Needy dog helpers: To those wonderful folks who transport sick and injured dogs. It is such a kind thing you are all doing. God bless you for caring about these wonderful and needy dogs. Kindness is never wrong. Good article.

Food stamps: As usual, when our government needs a few bucks, we always take it from the most vulnerable. Who needs food stamps anyway, right? Just let everyone work, like our good old boys in Congress. Pathetic!

An us vs. them nation: Trump is not a negotiator. He always wants it his way. He is a “my way or the highway type.” Bones spurs and all.

Any ideas of what to do with the old jail: The jail is a natural tourist attraction. It could be refurbished and tours could be conducted. You could even charge a small fee.

Two amazing women help a sick pup: So good to see some of us have such good hearts! Thank you, ladies.

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