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Mon, Dec. 16

Letter | A federal sales tax will make the richer pay more

The one thing we all complain about is paying taxes.

Not one to dodge or cheat on what I owe, perhaps I would be happier if we all contributed to paying for the operation and upkeep of our government. But alas, I have no friend in Congress to write me an exception to the tax code.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of loop holes, legal deductions, take breaks and rebates exist in the system. Hundreds of them written as favors for those big contributors to the folks running for public office. After all, it’s the least a member of the House or Senate can do after getting thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.

Some of the biggest corporations in these United States pay no taxes, some of the biggest small businesses get off scot free and owe nothing, and many individuals seem to be free to earn all they want and pay nothing for the pleasure of doing business and living here in America.

There is of course those deemed too poor to pay income taxes, those who receive tax free government assistance. Of course, we the people are the source, ample monies to support them with income, housing and food, plus a variety of other benefits only available to the “poor.” Isn’t that all income, too? And don’t the poor receive the privilege of working and living here?

There is one thing that is for sure and for certain, if we don’t all contribute to paying off the national debt, that $22 trillion ball and chain, then we will soon generate the need for more and more interest payments than we have money in our entire budget. We will be in a world of hurt.

Maybe it’s time to replace our income tax with a federal sales tax. A rich income earner buying a Rolls Royce or a first class ticket to Paris will pay more taxes than the rest of us.

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