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Mon, Dec. 16

Community View | Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up

Wow! It is hard to believe some of the information that came out of the recent Mohave Republican Forum.

Sen. Borrelli praised the new budget as the most rural friendly budget one could ever imagine. There is no money to help develop Active Management Areas to protect our rural water from being stolen by foreign interests, no money for high speed internet rural expansion (in fact, there is a tax increase on online purchases for those of us who have no shopping available in rural Arizona), no money for rural healthcare clinics we so desperately need, and nothing for rural senior services.

Borrelli also stated Democrats cheated in the 2018 election by collecting ballots for those who were not able to mail them. This would be cheating to help ensure everyone’s vote was counted, I suppose.

The senator also put the lie to HB 2696 that it allegedly called for killing babies who survived abortions while it only struck two requirements for witness statements and extra reporting for the clinics involved. (Smaller government and less unnecessary government oversight over women’s and doctor’s rights to privacy in the exam room).

The real shocker is his calling for his constituents to “hold your nose and vote” the party line evidently even when your Congressperson is not doing what is best for their constituents or their district or state. I have to agree this is a pretty stinky statement from someone who represents this district, especially for Republicans who are being told not to think and just keep voting to keep these folks in power regardless of what masters they serve.

Mohave County Republican Central Committee Chairman Sam Scarmardo calls the children in the concentration camps actors and threatens revolution and blood if Democrats win fairly at the polls in 2020. What kind of leadership is this?

To top it all off, Steve Robinson announced that fascist and neo-Nazi Sebastian Gorka would be a speaker at their October dinner.

I understand why the satirical newspaper The Onion said it was losing readership because it could not come up with more outrageous satire than the reality of GOP leadership.

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