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Sun, Sept. 22

Letter | In response to the letter “Has Satan taken over”

NO, Satan has not taken over. These evildoers who burn other churches and kill people of another faith are actually religious nuts themselves. They believe theirs is the only true religion, so they set out to destroy all others. Little do they know there is no God, no Satan, and no heaven. It’s all made up!

Throughout history, all gods have been man made. Since Greek and Roman times, men have been making up gods. If these were real gods, where are they now? Where is Zeus, Apollo, God of War, Goddess of Love? Who worships these gods? Nobody? They just faded away.

When this new God was invented, of course there had to be a bad guy to go with it. So men invented Satan, the fallen angel. Then we could blame all our misery and strife on him.

There’s no Satan. Just bad people.

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