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Mon, Sept. 16

Letter | Here are a few things our country needs

What is it with you people and the president’s tax returns? He isn’t a long-term professional politician having sold out his soul and the people he represents. He is a business man who made his money the old fashioned way – with hard work and the willingness to take chances with his money.

You Progressive Socialist Democrats, RINOs and other bought and paid for representatives of the people have everything to hide, most probably in offshore accounts and lifetime tickets to Disneyland.

Right now this nation needs to secure our border, pass a term limit amendment to the Constitution, and face the reality of an ongoing threat from radical Islam, China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.

And if you really wanted to get something positive done, let’s dump the income tax for a national sales tax, put all the excess federal land up for sale, secure the border with a fence and deport all the illegal aliens back to their homes. The federal government needs to get out of the education business, the power-generating business, and over regulating business.

And stop dividing this nation into groups and minorities. We are all Americans and those who don’t want to be Americans need to find someplace else to live.

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