Summer can be a time for new hopes

When life requires big changes, take a deep breath and know others have gone before you. (Adobe Images)

When life requires big changes, take a deep breath and know others have gone before you. (Adobe Images)

Summer time is not only a good time to plan a trip, but also seems to be the ideal time for people to plan a move. Whether it’s to the next county or out of state, moving trucks are all over the place.

Having moved from state to state more than once, I know how much work is involved. From selling your current house and moving into a new place, it is stress city! Even if you are not selling or buying a home, just starting a new job is tough enough.

I moved more than once with no job at all. I learned to do my homework from reading newspapers to sending out resumes. Finding a place to live can be a real challenge if you don’t have a job. People are leery to rent to you without income. Gee, I wonder why?

Sometimes the hardest part of leaving is saying "goodbye" to your home. Perhaps you lived there for many years. Maybe you raised your kids in that house. So, then why leave? Maybe you just must.

Perhaps your health is beginning to fail and you need to be closer to your adult kids. Or maybe you just want to try something new. Whatever the reason, it can be emotionally draining. When you have memories of birthday parties, Christmases, and anniversaries, it tugs at your heart.

Those last few minutes you spend in your old house, you may have a whirl of memories run through your mind. Good memories, and maybe even some not so good. And the pets you may have raised and watched grow old.

Yes, saying a "goodbye" to what was your home can be extremely emotional.

I have heard that moving from a home you lived in for many years can be as stressful as planning a wedding, getting ready for a cruise, and even right up there with the loss of a loved one. Just coordinating the truck, loading the truck and hitting the road as scheduled can cause anxiety. Not to mention having to be sure everything is ready for you on the other end, including electric, gas, and cable just to name a few.

If you are one of those who will indeed be making a change of this kind, breathe deep and know that everyone else has gone through the same thing.

Hopefully, the new life at the other end of the journey will be everything you hoped for, and more.

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