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Sun, Aug. 18

Community View | A divided America is not the president’s fault

President Donald Trump (By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Donald Trump, CC BY-SA 2.0,

President Donald Trump (By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Donald Trump, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Sitting in my car grabbing a quick lunch, I noticed a small animal that I thought to have expired. It lay on its side with its eyes closed and stretched out on its belly.

I say to myself, “Poor thing, I wonder what killed it?”

I don’t know if the sun was hitting it just right or if my eyes were deceiving me, but on closer observation it turned out to be a piece of bark that resembled a small rodent that was dead.

The reason I bring this to light is that all of our political candidates have begun their hocus pocus campaigns. I get it that they want to become president but to run on nothing but “I hate Trump and let’s get him” is so sad.

We need a leader, but not just any leader. We need one who will stand up to what our country faces. So far I see everything but that in the large number of candidates reaching for the gold ring. None of them have given solutions. Are they really serious thinking Americans want open borders?

Free Medicare for all and free education for everyone except Americans, not to mention socialism? Not one has given anything that I can grab onto.

All we hear is “we hate Trump.” Why is he to blame for every mess under the sun? Most of these problems have been passed down from other presidents and our so-called government now, which refuses to work for solutions, so sad.

Our president has been the only one who finally said, “The buck stops here,” which has set off such a frenzy of hate it’s unbelievable.

All the top Democrats have refused to acknowledge the accomplishments of this president and to fight with all they have. It’s insane!

There’s no promises made or kept on the Democratic side. No talk of the economy, the jobs created or anything else that says, “We’re American.”

Watching these candidates say on TV that they wouldn’t build a wall and refusing to find solutions is so ridiculous. So what would they do to protect our borders? When asked they avoided a solid answer.

Will they fix the immigration laws or do they intend to let everyone in, unvetted? I’m concerned for our Democratic Party, which continues to put all the problems and their focus on “getting” the president. Obstructing everything, solving nothing and blaming the president for their failures.

I won’t vote for any of these characters claiming they know what’s good for our country. After listening to all this chatter, none of them are good enough and bring nothing to the table to unite America. Which sadly they will blame on the president.

Shame on those who agree with this stupid platform with no solutions. They are running on smoke and mirrors and intend on pulling a rabbit out of their hats. Abracadabra! The president is gone ... now what?

More taxes, more homeless, more immigrants, no protection for our borders, and socialism?

So maybe if the sun hits it just right, all that we stand for, our beautiful country, will look just as they want it to. It’s then we can say “Poor America, I wonder what killed it?”

An America that was once a great country is now an America divided, which I’m sure will become the president’s fault.

How sad is that?


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