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Rants & Raves | June 30, 2019

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Trump says he wants to hear dirt on 2020 rivals: Once a cheater always a cheater! How BLATANT does he have to be for folks to see he has ZERO respect for the Rule of Law or the Constitution. Or the electorate. He doesn’t even understand that cheating is wrong.

Stories on Iran “attack”: Remember Iraq? No WMDs? Don’t be misled – we had a deal with Iran that was working and honored, but was trashed so Trump would have a “dog to wag” to distract from his corruption. This is far more dangerous.

Council checks for ‘fees-ability’ of more revenue sources: Council mentions all the things they can increase taxes on, but nothing they can cut. Ironically, the picture in the article shows one item that can be cut out of the budget, and its not the Tahoe.

Linda Varon blog: Love Linda Varon and her weekly blog. Keep up the good work!

Let the Trump investigations go: Judith. Why would Trump not release his taxes and business records if there was nothing to hide?

We deserve protection all the time: Then you shouldn’t have a problem with law enforcement hiring more officers and upgrading existing pay scales right? Coverage comes with a cost.

Golden Valley Moss Mine moving toward profitability: Thank you Northern Vertex for showing your faith in Mohave County. We hope you continue on your way to total profitability. A win-win situation.

Rancho Santa Fe interchange project has ‘foot on the gas’: Thank you City Council and all others involved. Kingman is finally starting to move forward to realizing our potential.

US air quality is slipping after years of improvement: One of these days it’s going to be too late to fix our air quality problems.

AZGFD moves to ban predator hunting contests: HOWLING praise for Arizona Game and Fish for protecting our wildlife in Arizona.

A bat for kids – Arizona’s Escobar gives back: We are fortunate as a ball team (Diamondbacks) AND a state to have a fine young man like Escobar.

Kingman: I’ve finally got figured it out. In Kingman, laws and ordinances are merely suggestions.

Attorneys: Texas Border facility is neglecting migrant kids: Stop, after reading this story, and imagine your kids, grandkids, nephews, and nieces taken from their parents and placed in these conditions. This is deliberate terror. This is not who we are! Please demand something better for these innocent children and their families.

Attorney still seeking election for McSally’s seat: McSally (R), defeated by Sinema (D), was then placed in McCain’s seat by the Governor (R), NOT elected by the people. The people made a different choice, which the Governor DID NOT abide. Sounds like party politics to me.

Guzzardi: Anatomy of a job killer: Guzzardi NEVER wavers from blaming immigrants for issues here, even though most experts agree, immigrants are NOT the primary cause of job losses in the U.S.! He uses fear and “scapegoating” to promote misguided hatred and bigotry. Shame!

Attorney still seeking election for McSally’s Senate seat: By appointing McSally, the person people did not elect, to an open seat, the Governor essentially cancels out the votes that Sinema, a person elected for her fresh ideas, makes in Congress. Is that Democracy? I think NOT.

Are there too many burros in the Black Mountains? Too many burros? The more coyotes you kill for thrill or “sport” will account for more burros in the Black mountains. We need to let mother nature take care of things. She is smarter than any politician.

New crime reporting NIBRS: Great to know there will be a national crime reporting standardized system across the nation by 2021. I hope news orginizations, including KDM will publish the true statistics of what kind of crimes are being committed, and by whom.

New revenue sources: If you want to more than double rental rates in Kingman be sure to enact all the laws and regulations the state, counties and city governments have enacted in California. Kingman can have the same cost of housing as California.

EZ recycling bins being moved to public works: With ONE location and limited hours for working people, fewer people will bother. When most cities are increasing recycling efforts, we are reducing. We have millions for everything else, but not to preserve and maintain our natural environment. Sadly shortsighted.

Laura Hollis/John Micek opinions on polls: It’s early for any polls to be near accurate. And way early to assume anything about the election. Both these opinion pieces are just that – interpreting the “polls” to one’s own OPINION! Real information is needed for decision making.

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