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Wed, June 16

Being a backseat driver is a dirty job

Being a backseat driver may be a curse. (Adobe Images)

Being a backseat driver may be a curse. (Adobe Images)

Exactly when are your kids old enough to buy and ride a motorcycle? How about, never!

Myself, and I am sure many others, are terrified at the idea of our child riding anything on the road that only has two wheels. We see horrific images on the evening news of what was LEFT of a motorcycle at an accident scene.

Don't get me wrong, I have seen many beautiful bikes around and met drivers who have been "biking" their entire adult life. I am happy for them. They are not my children.

I know it is not my decision to make and was actually counting on my daughter-in-law to keep things in check. But, alas, she gave in to him and agreed that a motorcycle was OK.

It doesn't really matter how old our kids get, they are still our children and we continue to protect them at every opportunity. Why just this morning while being a passenger in my son's car, I had to voice my anger at some of the other drivers. Riding in the back seat leaves many options of this nature. I can yell, and no one hears, as well as posting a finger that no one will see except me. Add to that, the statistics from this morning's news about the number of pedestrians killed on the roads boggles the mind.

We watched a beautiful vehicle (Mustang) get clobbered in the Walmart parking lot. Caved in that passenger side door like a marshmallow. And this was just trying to get out of a parking place.

Remember those plastic steering wheels that used to attach to a child's car seat? They could pretend they were all grown up and driving. Sadly, we know now, you do not have to be grown up to drive.

There are those who drive for 50 years without a violation, and others who get so many tickets they lose their driving privilege all together.

We not only need to fear bad drivers, but then there is road rage. So many times it goes far beyond shaking your fist, flipping them off, or just laying on the horn. Many drivers take it personally if they think they have been "cut off," or perhaps they had the "right of way" and you went ahead of them. These are serious issues, folks.

To the immature driver, if you have the time to watch the TV court shows, you will see that about half are dog biting and landlord-tenant cases. The remainder are all accidents, road-rage issues, or both.

Seems that driving a vehicle has many variables. Passing your driver’s test is only step one. The written test can often be a breeze for some people. Much of it is basic common sense. But, where does that common sense go to, AFTER you get a license?

Just because someone has never gotten a ticket, does not mean they are a safe driver. My own mother (may she rest in peace) was a very scary driver. I remember closing my eyes many times as she whipped in and out of traffic, and often followed the car in front of us by about 10 feet! My mother also was a licensed driver for close to 60 years, and NEVER had a moving violation. Makes you wonder.

I have never driven a car, but have had many hours of observing others. Being a backseat driver may indeed be a curse.

Yes, it is a dirty job. But somebody has to do it.

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