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Rants & Raves | March 3, 2019

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Tom Hale on Mark Kelly: Tom Hale thinks that an astronaut is not a man of service? Sounds like envy to me. Only the best of the best make the cut for space. Kelly is not anti-gun, he’s pro responsible regulation! Nothing wrong with that!

Cornerstone mission puts families in motels on wintry nights: Kudos to Cornerstone. They do an incredible job for those down and out in Kingman. Support them!

Fealty to Trump or the Constitution: I applaud Mr. Polman! Time for people to put country before party, and the constitution before this bunch of thugs, billionaire grifters, and Russian oligarchs that Trump conspires with to undermine our democracy! Use your heads, and love your country!

Tom Hale on Mark Kelly: Tom Hale. At least Kelly isn’t a draft dodger like the current president.

Methodist Church on edge of breakup over LGBT Stand: Apparently church elder Lois Parr knows not her own Bible where God says repeatedly and explicitly in Romans II that all forms of homosexuality/lesbianism are abominations to God and those practicing it (yes, it’s a choice) won’t go to heaven.

Nonprofit surveys rural voter, rank education as top issue in State: And yet our “public servants” in state government continue to dole out large amounts of public monies to fly-by-night private school friends of theirs. Find out where your tax dollars are going!

Taxing tourists renting cars: I hadn’t rented in some time, then went to the Bullhead-Laughlin Airport to find that a $35 per day car rental was almost $120 after all the taxes and fees. I just put the money into my personal car and will use it.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing: Thank you Jim. Cooler heads need to get ahead of this problem and let the Council get on with their tasks at hand.

Live animals in circuses: No live animals at the circus! What part of “inhumane” treatment does the board not understand? Using these beautiful exotic animals to ‘ENTERTAIN’ the masses, pretty much spells it out. They ALL deserve better!

Victim of armed robbery dies from injuries: So sorry to learn that the 80-year-old victim of the assault has passed. Now the dirt-bag who did it is looking at a murder charge. Just as it should be. It went from a strong-armed robbery to a murder.

Bullhead woman who tried to drown baby sentenced: A 30 month sentence seems a bit short for the mother who attempted to drown her baby. I can only assume that perhaps a plea deal was made. I will also assume that her mental faculties were impaired, as well.

Maybe it’s time Mr. Vice Mayor: Kudos to Shawn Byrne. Kingman’s citizens can disagree without being called out as promoting negativity or acting out of greed. Mr. Vice Mayor illogically accused both Angle and Swanty of acting out of greed. Mr. Vice Mayor is a divisive bomb-thrower who makes everything about him.

Kingman man shot by New Mexico police: Geeez, I don’t know – cops shoot a man who is holding his 7-year-old son? I’m speaking of the child’s safety. Cops are supposed to be good shots, but isn’t that for fleeing or solo standdown incidents?

Women Making History: The very first person I met when I moved to Kingman 39 years ago was Rhonda Hart. She is a wonderful woman and such a blessing to her family and this community by her caring and loving ways! Joanne Marquez

Ducey promises to veto vaccination legislation: There should be no exemptions at all. How dare these parents put other children at risk, because of their ignorance regarding vaccinations.

Trump, Kim call off summit: Let’s face it. Trump is not a Ronald Reagan. He is not even a Richard Nixon for that matter. Negotiator? Really?

Feminism: You nailed it – and there was so much more, sadly. I grew up in the ‘50s. My mother was disrespected in so many ways every day. In college every time some jerk called me a Feminist, I felt proud.

Ducey promises to veto vaccination legislation: I agree with the Gov on this one! It is time for legislators to do their jobs and represent ALL of us, not just the paranoid ravings of conspiracy theorists! Vaccinate your kids if you love them!

An unusual emergency: It’s not about the wall. It’s not about immigration. It’s about Trump winning and keeping his promise to his shrinking base.

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