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Thu, May 23

If I were an Angel

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If I were an Angel, I would walk with you by your side

I would take away your being lonely and become a friend

I could show you how to be what you were meant to be

And not what the world has taught you to become

Yes, if I were an Angel, I would bring you happiness

And take away all the sadness the years have given you

An Angel can take away your frown, and make you smile

And an Angel can turn you sad tears into happy tears

Yes, if I were an Angel, I would take the light from my eyes

I would show you the light that would shine from yours

I would give you courage to face what has scared you

I would answer all your questions of interest for you

Yes if I were an Angel I would give you what is needed

And never would I question the why of your needs

I would take away sad dreams and give you good dreams

I would be able to turn all of your fantasies into reality

If I were an Angel, I could make your world a better place

You would pass on the happiness you received to others

Yes, if I were an Angel I would silence the world for you

And in that moment you would see all that has been given

Then again if I were an Angel would you know who I am?

– Anthony Gracia


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