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Mon, May 27

Letter | Arizona employees have no protection

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Why does Arizona law give Arizona employees no protection against a boss who decides he is going make your job hell?

You can work your butt off for 10 years with your employer, go through eight bosses in two years doing things that were OK, but now your new boss, who has it in for you and other employees, makes your job hell.

Everything you do is wrong and you’re constantly being told you don’t know your job. He tells other employees you’re a thief, you do drugs, you are having sex with guys in the parking lot, and there is not a damn thing you can do other than quit a job you loved doing, was the best at doing it, and give up years of working there.

None of the Arizona lawmakers give a hoot. It is not fair nor should an employer be able to just make your job hell or fire you because the new boss decides he doesn’t like you.

Employees should have some protection from vengeful bosses who single you out and basically make you quit your job because every day it’s something else.

It never lets up and you have nowhere to turn.

There’s no one to help you.


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