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Fri, May 24

Letter | Column on Lingenfelter spot on

Vice Mayor Travis Lingenfelter

Vice Mayor Travis Lingenfelter

I would like to applaud your “It may be time, Mr. Vice Mayor” column Feb. 27. I rarely comment in the opinion page, but this particular issue is important.

Over the last 1 ½ to 2 years, I have watched and listened to Vice Mayor Travis Lingenfelter bad mouth and belittle people who either he did not agree with or wanted to steamroll over. One of the most outrageous (in my humble opinion) stunts he headed was to get the City to void the 25 year contract with the airport authority just to have control over the airport.

His accusation that the previous board “embezzled” funds, without any proof at all, was completely out of line. He led the City into spending $24,000 for a forensic audit, not to mention the cost for legal expenses to take over the airport, which vindicated the previous board members.

Lingenfelter complains about Steve Robinson besmirching his reputation, but I missed his apology to all the previous board members of the Kingman Airport Authority when all his accusations against them were proven to be false.

I do not know Krystal Burge personally, but I do know that she, her husband and her brother donate a lot of time and money into our community and ask nothing in return. They all deserve an apology for their reputation being dragged through the mud.

The bottom line here is that Kingman’s vice mayor is a bully and will go to any lengths to get his way.

No matter who he hurts.


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