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Wed, June 16

Take a moment and count our blessings

It's a good time for all of us to think for a moment about the boy "who had no shoes." (Adobe Images)

It's a good time for all of us to think for a moment about the boy "who had no shoes." (Adobe Images)

I remember when I was a child hearing "There was a boy who cried because he had no shoes, until he saw a boy who had no feet."

I can't remember at just what age that made sense to me. At the age I am now, I find myself being more grateful for just about everything. When one of my wonderful uncles lost the ability to walk unassisted, I remember what he said to me.

"Once you lose your mobility, your life changes forever," he said.

How right on he was. After spending the day with my brother and watching him struggle with a walker, it was difficult for me. He is my older brother and has always been so strong and healthy. As I watch him age a bit more each day, I know I may not have him for very many more years.

I know there is no age limit on how much time we get. Some people have a long life, while others do not even get to become adults. It is often hard to not just wonder, "why me?" Why take my handsome and wonderful nephew, and yet I get to keep on going?

I used to think perhaps we all have certain things in our lives we need to "take care of." Maybe we have more "work" to do. Whether it be helping others or just living long enough to see one more grandchild be born.

I have many questions about the "pecking order" and plan to look for answers when my turn comes. I am not only grateful to still wake up each morning, not to mention having no pain and being able to enjoy so many things this life has to offer. Those people who live with pain every day must have many questions as well.

Why me? As for this 72 year old, I could not feel more blessed than I am right now. Other than the usual aches and pains that come with aging, and the often moments of complete memory loss, life is good.

Perhaps we all need to just think for a moment about the boy who "had no shoes."

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