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Rants & Raves | March 24, 2019

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Don’t judge a ‘conservative’ by his cover: But you CAN judge a Conservative by his cover. Most of them only believe that something is right and just if it benefits them and theirs. Jesus taught many things contrary to conservative ideology. Read your Bible!

Jesus freak: A student says “...the schools wouldn’t do anything...” about being called a “Jesus freak”. What would have happened if a Muslim kid had been called an “Allah Freak”? Seems to me the schools would have done something about that harassment.

Road maintenance questions kickoff Republican forum meeting: Interesting. Councilwoman Nelson now feels that we “can’t survive without the tax” concerning street repairs, etc. She was a strong proponent of Prop 413 and now recognizes what that means to our city. She should have done her homework.

Nothing pro family about conservative family council: Kudos to Micek – hit the nail on the head. Groups like this have no intentions of helping children and families. They support no legislation to assist families struggling to provide essentials for their kids. They seek control over others.

Sheriff’s office keeps a finger on Mohave County’s pulse: Comforting, but keep your hands off me and out of my home. Speaking of home, that’s where America’s obscenely-prostituted media and their alpha wave entertainment want us, not out late at night under the stars actually thinking for ourselves. Freeeeeedom!

Defiant vigil starts New Zealand healing: Sad but when are the Christians killed by Muslims on a regular basis going to be reported? 120 killed in last 3 weeks by Fulani Muslim terrorists in Nigeria. In 2018, thousands were killed. Totally ignored by world/U.S. press.

Recovered de Kooning painting back in spotlight: De Kooning painting worth $100 million? Really? What am I missing here; my six year old grandchildren painted better than this. Yuck! Wouldn’t want this on my wall.

Fresh produce: Sue. Are you telling me that you want regulation and rules put on what I can do at the produce section. That is so much like what Democrats want. I have my rights!

Chasing false prestige: Sorry Linda, when you start quoting Rush Limbaugh you have lost me. Talk about false prestige.

Fresh produce: The woman was totally out of line. Smith’s will happily cut a fruit open for you if you question it’s ripeness. They also have a free bin of “peel” fruits for children to help themselves. And a garbage for peels.

Senate slaps down Trump border emergency: CNN (Clueless News Network) is stunned today to discover their poll shows 35 percent of Mexicans support Trump. Imagine when they discover the real collusion with Russia wasn’t Trump but the Democrats. One Mexican living near the border wanted a taller, longer wall.

Who came first the chicken or the egg: Don’t know who came first. I do know that Sally or me or you do not have the right to tell any woman what to do with her body, period. Don’t try to force your beliefs on others!

Big thanks to the City of Kingman Council members: who did the right thing and fought hard for proper management of the airport and industrial park. Big improvements have occurred and more on the horizon. The community is very grateful.

Vice Mayor Lingenfelter: Engaged community members who want actual improvement with our roads and infrastructure strongly support Vice Mayor Travis Lingenfelter and appreciate the data and information he provides. We are fortunate to have someone this dedicated to moving us forward on a daily basis.

Pot holes: I’m confused? How are the Swanty’s and Dan Del Monoco of Mohave State Bank responsible for pot holes in our streets? Would someone please explain this statement. I thought potholes were caused by the moisture getting underneath the asphalt.

Fresh produce: No way is it legal to just open anything you’d like and “sample” it. You can ask for samples at the deli, or they`ll have someone on the sales floor promoting a product, giving samples.

Fairgrounds: Is this a trend now? The City or County takes more on when it is struggling with what it has to do? Put a sock in it Buster!

What came first, the chicken or the egg answers: Abortion is murder from day one. Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder. The chicken came first because God created all living things. Mom, with alzheimer’s, was hospitalized with pneumonia. Staff suggested I simply quit feeding her. Not being God, I said no.

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