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Wed, June 16

Don’t be trashy

There are right ways and wrongs ways to get rid of your trash. (Adobe Images)

There are right ways and wrongs ways to get rid of your trash. (Adobe Images)

Let's talk trash! No, not the kind you often find on Facebook. The kind of trash that is supposed to be put in a trash container.

The other morning, before it was even light out, I thought I heard the trash truck at my apartment community. I thought that was a bit odd, as it was Tuesday, and our trash pickup is normally on Monday. Perhaps they were just running a day late?

To my surprise, when I took out the kitchen trash, the bin was full! Hmm … How did that happen? Did I not hear something going on with the trash just this morning?

Well, nosey as I am sometimes, I looked through the trash without moving things around or climbing inside. Low and behold, this did not look like normal trash from inside someone's apartment at all. It, in fact, had what looked like hoses from a swimming pool, large yard clippings and that sort of thing.

Gee, whiz, do you think the sounds I heard this morning were NOT the trash pickup but instead someone making a large deposit?

When I first moved to Kingman it was pretty apparent that not everyone threw their trash away. Instead, they would stockpile it in their yards, sheds, and probably inside their houses as well.

I know my trash pickup was right around $30 per month. That seemed reasonable to me, and I could not understand why people were not disposing their trash in a more "sophisticated" way.

I was renting, as were the folks right next door. The properties had the same owner. One day I asked the property manager, "Why do the people next door just keep piling up trash?"

"It is not unusual around here,” he said. “People just don't want to pay for trash pickup."

Of course, my first response was, "So why then does the owner not pay, and put it in their rent amount?”

Seemed like a quick and simple solution. He never really gave an answer.

Getting back to where I was headed with this – why is it OK to just dump trash in someone else's trash container? Actually, it isn’t OK. It is cheating, stealing, and wrong. It is wrong to dump garbage in the rural areas, and an eyesore that requires many volunteers to clean up the mess.

Burning trash is not always a good solution, either. Some properties are just a fire waiting to happen. So, what does one do when they "just can't afford" trash pickup.

Well, it appears they just find a place where someone IS paying, and share the joy! Where does that leave me with my house trash when our dumpster is already full and there’s no pickup for six more days?

Thankfully, our building actually has a second dumpster on the property, and I may be able to stuff it in there. Often times, while I am on my walks, I notice people that park in a business parking lot and clean out their cars right where they are parked. Now what is that all about? Everything from ashtrays to fast food bags just end up in the parking lot. When they are done, they just walk into the store or doctor’s office like nothing has happened. Well, something did happen. You behaved very badly and I saw you.

I am left wondering, how were these folks raised?

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