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Thu, Oct. 17

Community View | There is no defense for the Catholic church

Pope Francis in Brazil. (Photo by Brazil Agency, CC BY 3.0,

Pope Francis in Brazil. (Photo by Brazil Agency, CC BY 3.0,

This community view concerns the rebuttal that E. Lindsay wrote defending the Catholic church and the numerous accusations of sexual child abuse. Lindsay’s defense of the leaders of the church seem pretty lame. Right off the bat, Lindsay pointed fingers at other denominations. Sounded like a third grader. “Well, he did it too.” Lindsay, can you remember the last time a report came out about sexual child abuse in another denomination other than the Catholic church? Have we heard reports from victims of sexual child abuse in any other denomination?

Interestingly enough Lindsay, you never said the words “sexual child abuse.” Only abuses. Let’s get serious about the crime. These children were made to have unwanted sex with a Catholic leader and then the despicable act was covered up by other Catholic leaders.

That’s another item that you left out, Lindsay. The cover ups. These cover ups go all the way up to the Pope. Instead of turning these Priests over to the authorities, the Pope had his Bishops re-assign them to another Parrish.

Cardinal Bernard Law was doing these cover ups for years until law enforcement came after him. He was just hours ahead of them when he hopped on a jet headed to the Vatican. So, what happened to Bernard Law? Did the Pope turn him over to the police? Nope. Pope John Paul rewarded Law by giving him a higher rank and letting him stay at the Vatican. When John Paul kicked the bucket, they made him a Saint. He got to be a Saint for picking church over children.

And what’s this about a “true church?” A “proper church?” How about the inquisitions where they tortured men until they confessed to something they didn’t do? Who oversaw these tortures and rapes? Why, the proper Catholic church, that’s who.

Then there were the crusades when Pope Urban sent an army out to convert or kill all non-believers. They killed thousands. You guessed it – the true and proper Catholic church.

Now we advance to modern times where the deeds of the Catholic church are worse than ever.

Had it not been for the brave victims coming out of the shadow of guilt and shame, which the evil Priests put upon them, we the public would not have known this terrible thing was happening to our children. That’s another thing you left out, Lindsay. The victims. Sympathy for the victims. Instead you gave us bible verses and how proper and true the Catholic church is.

According to you, Lindsay, the Associated Press “should be seriously questioned” on these reports. I guess the Attorney Generals of Pennsylvania and Illinois are making up the story, too.

By covering up these crimes, Pope Francis corrupted himself. Some might think he sits on the right side of God, but in reality, he sits in his own immoral decay.

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