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Rants & Raves | May 5, 2019

Senator McSally thanks CBP Officer Feracho in Nogales. (Office of U.S. Sen. Martha McSally photo)

Senator McSally thanks CBP Officer Feracho in Nogales. (Office of U.S. Sen. Martha McSally photo)

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Good luck, Old Joe: Michael Reagan. I’m not a Democrat but I think the biggest threat to our democracy and way of life is the “far right wackos” who apparently only want to please themselves and no one else.

BOS open meeting law violation: Apparently Bishop forgets when she and Supervisor Watson attacked a 30 year volunteer of the NACFD with unfounded accusations that were never proven. I hope I can be there when the board issues an apology. Bishop should issue it.

Sanctuary cities: If the government transports immigrants to sanctuary cities, won’t we lose track of what city they eventually call home? Still no road to citizenship. So, sneak in and disperse, or bus them to a new location and disperse.

The Democrats platform of pipe dreams: Sorry, Rich. A lot of people didn’t get to grow up with an accountant for a father and a zealously frugal mother. Conservatives don’t read their Bibles enough anymore, if at all. What would Jesus say?

Spending money: Don’t build $50 million dollar court houses and don’t do projects you don’t already have the money for.

Dairy Queen opening scheduled for end of June: 1950s/1960’s DQ was on the corner of Highway 93 and Grandview, where Arizona Inn now sits. Spring Street went straight through Lee Williams High School; Jr. High was also there. Only ice cream, but we all walked there at noon.

Birth of Genevieve Artemis Rucker: Beautiful little girl. Was struck by her middle name Artemis; have only heard a similar name once in my 75 years. One of my grandmothers was named Artemecia. They mined in this area in the late 1800s. Congrats, Ruckers!

When a veteran’s suicide hits home: It hit home for me. My brother, a Kingmanite, served in the National Guard, Army and Air Force. He loved the military, did own guns. At 41, he took his life near Davis Monthan, his last base. Hard to believe.

Trump feared being called a fraud: Trump fought back because he knew he was innocent; he also knew Hillary, Obama and the DNC, among others were the real Russia collusion bunch. It is they who are running scared now. Stay tuned!

What happened to true Republicans?: I’m smart enough to know the Mueller report setup was to keep this Hillary/DNC Russia dossier coup going until 2020 in hopes of ruining Trump’s chances. The report, by 19 Hillary lovers was amateurish; uncalled for by a special counsel.

Barr skips house hearings: Gosh, the Trump/Barr Republican hatred from the left is so great. God forbid civility (and truth) might prevail. Dems are terrified. Republicans are “investigating the investigators.” The coup is being exposed.

When a veteran’s suicide hits home: I appreciated this story, which makes good sense. I feel the best solution to suicide prevention among veterans is to bond and talk out the problems and basically help one another. Looking for positive distractions will help deter the depression!

What happened to the true Republicans? Thanks, Chris. Republicans should have supported John Kasich, a candidate who is intelligent, inclusive and has great ideas. Instead we have a president who is totally the opposite. We better get our collective heads together in 2020 and correct this.

Cross-border commerce critical to Arizona economy: Thank you Martha McSally. This is why you went to Washington. Looking out for Arizona should be your number one priority. Thank you for carrying on the legacy of John McCain.

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