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Wed, June 16

Always be kind to animals

It's "Be Kind to Animals Week," but remember to be kind to them all year. (Adobe Images)

It's "Be Kind to Animals Week," but remember to be kind to them all year. (Adobe Images)

This week is “Be Kind to Animals Week.” I know because I saw it on Facebook.

For those of you who need a designated period to be kind to animals, this is the time. Can you even imagine needing to be reminded of this? Makes you wonder how some people can NOT be kind to an animal.

I believe it takes the same type of person to be abusive to any animal that it does to hurt a child. When anyone takes advantage of their status in this world, it is always wrong. Just because you may be bigger, stronger or more powerful, does not make you privileged. If your ego is so inflated that you need to show you are always in charge, you may need some mental health counseling.

Often times we are quick to become angry if someone does not see things our way. Should you treat the person who cares for your lawn any different than you treat the manager at your bank? I don't think so. We all have a certain position in this world, and whatever it may be, it deserves respect.

If you get annoyed with those who are begging for money on a street corner, just continue on your way. Lord knows we have all had thoughts about why they are always there. Who has not seen the man who wears the Santa hat and what looks like pajamas? The same guy who just received a key to the city from Kingman.

We don't always know how people get into messes, but that is not our job. None of us are perfect, and we don't need to know everyone's story.

Getting back to where I started. Just because an animal may not be suitable for a pet, does not mean they should be treated badly. I am so thankful that our community provides so many options for those creatures who end up with nowhere to go. There are people who actually move and leave their dog or cat behind, without a thought to leaving them at a shelter. Instead, they just leave them alone and afraid, often with no means to find food or water. This is a special kind of cruelty, as the pet has no idea what they did wrong to be left alone.

Sometimes it may be that an elderly pet owner has gone to a nursing home or even passed away. If no plan is in place, where does that leave the poor pet? They were once a part of a family and has suddenly become disposable.

Most of the people I know, would sooner go without food than to deprive their pet of ANYTHING. Some are on the fence and will dump the dog or cat at the slightest inconvenience. Our pets are living, breathing, loving creatures who deserve our respect.

If you cannot care for your pet for any reason, at least seek humane options. This is BE KIND TO ANIMALS week. Just a reminder that they depend totally on our love and kindness just to survive.

Be kind to all animals every day and report any animal abuse in which you become aware. Be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

One more thing. The five-second rule. If you can't hold the back of your hand on the pavement for five seconds, it is TOO HOT for your dog to be walking on it.

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