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Wed, Aug. 21

5 most bizarre campaigns on GoFundMe Kingman

A photo of the homepage, where some odd reasons are utilized by people asking for money. (Photo by Shawn Byrne, Daily Miner)

A photo of the homepage, where some odd reasons are utilized by people asking for money. (Photo by Shawn Byrne, Daily Miner)

KINGMAN – GoFundMe, the No. 1 platform for fundraising and crowdfunding, is popular across the U.S.

“Make a difference in someone’s life today,” is the company logo, and indeed, when searching for Kingman, Arizona, one finds many powerful stories and campaigns worth attention and support, many of them triggered by a serious medical conditions.

Among them, however, The Daily Miner has found a few local initiatives that are less conventional, if not straight up weird. The original spelling is kept.

1 - Hellcat ($5 raised from $80,000 requested)

“it’s a sad day here in kingman Arizona,” writes a young man from the area,” because the more I think about it, the more I realize I’ll never be able to afford no damn hellcat.” He means a sports car, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat worth $80,000. “If 16,000 people donate 5$. I should be good. I’m shooting for a all white charger hellcat. Ain’t getting no challenger that’s for sure. A young man just tryna go fast…”

2 - “Suck in Kingman” ($0 raised from $2,000 requested)

Another campaign is limited to a couple of lines: “suck in kingman az and trying to get back to texas. need money to get back to texas ,im diabled and dont have th money to get back .plea se help me.”

3 - Airpods ($180 raised, $160 was requested)

A 17-year old local highschooler explains she is broke and complains she got a hair brush set for Christmas instead of airpods. She is currently using her Bluetooth beanie “which doesn’t even work but a girl can pretend. Help me go into the new year lookin boujee.” A photo attached to the post shows the girl’s face with drawn on tears. Clearly, she made it.

4 - “Car outta the shop” ($0 raised from $600 requested)

A man describes how he took his car to a local shop and was presented with a bill for $592. He says he doesn’t have money to pick up the car from the shop and has a child on the way.

“And the only reason I took it to a mechanic and not fix it myself is because I have a full time job in havasu and i didnt have time to fix it myslef,” he explained.

5 - “The Love of my life” ($0 raised, $100 goal)

A man just got out of military and is between jobs. He met a girl who is working in a different state. He needs money to go and see her.

“I’ve never wanted to be with someone more in my entire life. Seriously, she is amazing even if she doesn’t think so.”

Less hilarious, and more sensible campaigns Kingmanites might want to pay attention to: the restoration of the “vandalized and deteriorated” World War I Monument at the Mohave County Court House in Kingman (only $125 raised of $20,000 needed ) or the effort to take James Zyla, Kingman’s most famous homless man, off the streets ($3,400 raised).

Finally, there is apparently a Kingman Gnome Village under construction ($0 raised from $10,000 goal), which seeks financial support. “We feel that a gnome village will bring entertaniment pleasure to many people,” wrote the person in charge of the project.” The goal is to have a “large, diverse collection of garden gnomes everyone will adore.”

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