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Sat, Jan. 18

Community View | America: Love it or leave it

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Our tattered and battered flag brought tears to my eyes. Not only was it moving to know there are still people who believe in our country and our flag, but that there are young people who respect it and are willing to protect it with all they have.

With so many infiltrating our country, those not knowing the history of our country and wanting to change what we stand for, I for one am so proud that we have those not willing to let people take our flag for granted or destroy for what it stands.

It seems there are those who want to change our Constitution, change our religion and change our history to suit their way of thinking, to do away with our statues and remove our history. What is wrong with these people?

It’s a part of our history and it’s a part of why we love America. For those who fought and died for these beautiful lands that we love, it’s more of their heart and soul. Something they were willing to die for.

Stop trying to fit America into your box and change our country to fit your religion, your standing in your community, clanging a symbol to remove what you don’t like about our country. We will not stand for it.

Many have given their lives and sacrificed all for this beautiful flag. Instead of burning our flag, why not try to follow our laws, pitch in and make your world a better place with our current laws instead of trying to change our rules because they offend you.

There are truly other countries who would be more than happy to take those who radically want to change a country. If you are not happy with our way of life, why don’t you try one of those countries? I know they could use your energy and ideas to improve their way of life, don’t you?

I love America! I won’t apologize for that and if this offends you, maybe you’re the one who needs another country to live in and change their way of thinking to yours. My only regret in this is this idea won’t fly. Why? Because we are the land of the free, and you like that.

Remember, this freedom you enjoy was not free. Maybe you need to think about that and become the solution instead of the problem. America, land of the free. How many lives did that flag represent that so easily has been disrespected? How many died to bring you here and give you the right to disrespect our country and our laws or maybe, just maybe, you love America just like me.

I know I will offend some but my message is clear. If you don’t like it here, or our laws, or our flag, go home. If you are an American and want change, then be willing to give your life for her and work toward solutions for all of us.

I was watching a colony of ants work. If you ever wondered how to help America, watch the ants. They build, they communicate and they fight – together. They help each other, they stand together and will build endless communities – together. If one falls, another takes its place and continues the work. They work hard and take care of their own –together.

So will America. We will stand and fight, build communities, take care of our own first, and work toward a common goal – together.

If this offends you, then you know what to do.

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