Being honest, it's the honorable thing

Finding the line of where honesty and dishonesty are separated can be a quest. (Adobe Images)

Finding the line of where honesty and dishonesty are separated can be a quest. (Adobe Images)

Are you truly an honest person? That is a tough question for some people.

There are those who believe that cheating on your taxes, or fudging just a little about a vehicle purchase to the Department of Motor Vehicles, is OK.

"Everyone does it, so why not?"

Why not, indeed?

If you tell your friend their haircut looks lovely, and it actually looks like it was styled with an egg beater, is that being dishonest?

No matter how you may feel about honesty, I think we all have to cross the line now and then. Sometimes not to benefit ourselves in any way, but to spare another person's feelings.

On the evening news there is a segment called, "Caught Misbehaving." It really got me to thinking about some of the things we do or don't do when we think nobody is looking.

If I have seen one, I have seen at least 20 semis turn into Walmart from Stockton Hill Road. Now anyone who lives here knows that corner is crazy!

Many vehicles turning in and out of there, and the poor folks just trying to get out of the drive-thru at Del Taco. This is one of the reasons that signs are clearly posted that indicate semi's need to use Airway to enter the shopping area, and not to turn in from that intersection. Alas, they do it anyway. I think I notice this more than others because it makes it nearly impossible to get through the crosswalk when one of these giant trucks is attempting to turn.

A lot like texting and talking while driving, people just don't think it applies to them.

Getting back to the subject at hand, just how honest are you? If you saw your best friend's guy with another lady, would you tell her? Even though she may NOT believe you, and your friendship could come to a screeching halt?

What about being dishonest by omission? Is there really such a thing as being dishonest by keeping your mouth shut? Just how honest are we expected to be? Are you a person who would turn in a wallet? How about a bag of weed?

You never know what you might find that clearly does not belong to you, even though we probably won't find a suitcase at Walmart with thousands of dollars in it, we may still have to make some conscious decisions about honesty.

Personally, I would have trouble sleeping, if I had taken or kept something that did not belong to me. Getting away with stuff is not a contest, even though for some people it is a way of life.

If you have no respect for others, does that mean you don't respect yourself?

Even though we all do cross the line at times, it is really nice when people you care about trust you. Not only was I trusted with childhood secrets, but have found that I am considered a trustworthy person. That means a lot to me in my old age. If you are still raising kids or grandkids, I hope you are teaching them how important trust and honesty are to have as values.

I remember telling my sons, "If you tell me the truth, I will go to the wall to defend you. If you lie to me, you are on your own."

And so it was. No matter what they got involved in, I felt like they could always come to me for help. Many things have changed between the The Woodstock generation and the millennials.

Benjamin Franklin said it best, "Honesty is the best policy."

I hope that has not changed.

Still waiting for someone to claim that two bucks I found on the sidewalk.

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