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Tue, Nov. 12

Rants and Raves | Nov. 3, 2019

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Column: Is democracy dying? – Yes. In the United States, democracy has been in a death spiral for about two and a half years.

A final farewell to a fake scandal – The conservative side will pursue and hound Hillary for the rest of her life because they want to deflect their negativity on to her. I’m not a fan of Hillary but look what we got instead.

American entitlement – American entitlement begins with our sense of entitlement to national supremacy. Like spoiled kids, our citizens believe we’re entitled to world resources/labor, and cheap, because of our sacrosanct ‘Way of Life.’ Be humble, internationally.

Street Drags in Kingman – Who was the bonehead who decided to have this year’s street drags in a residential neighborhood? My usually quiet street was a nightmare to even get out of my own driveway. I sure hope the economic boon was worth the noise, traffic and extremely annoying detours.

Trump confronts impeachment defense – Another AP story against Trump. Surprise! Where are the stories about the left quaking in their boots over Barr and Durham? Heads will roll, people will go to jail but you won’t see the AP reporting on it. Stay tuned.

Hillary’s e-mails – I did notice Hillary using Elijah Cummings’ funeral to compare him to the Bible Elijah and slap at Trump and Melania. Classless as always. Trump used Cummings’ demise to say nice things; also did the same when Hillary lost to him.

Amtrak – Many residents of Kingman are refugees from California. The train is comfortable to travel to California and for family and friends to visit Kingman. Write letters to keep the trains running.

Wilderness Common Sense – Very much enjoying Luis Vega’s articles in Tuesday’s papers. Truly common sense but not often thought of. Also his book “CALL-OUT” is a must-read for anyone who lives and plays in the southwest.

Children split at border tops 5,400 – And some may never recover from the actual trip. Thank you, idiot parents. What part of illegal do these people not get meaning liberals? And what part of “we don’t put children in jail with their parents” don’t they get? Liberal craziness!

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