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Rants and Raves | Nov. 6, 2019

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Operation Kayla Mueller – Sad case, Kayla’s murder in Syria a few years ago. Trump’s comment on Baghdadi’s death – “amazing to see, like watching a movie, died like a dog.” Even though Badhdadi’s death may be good, Trump’s words make me wonder about his mental health.

Letter: Martha McSally – McSally supports a trade deal that is a cheap makeover of NAFTA. Want better trade relationships with our neighbors? Try something different, like showing them some respect! Leadership has no party affiliation, Martha. A real Senator should know that.

Nationals win World Series – Wow! What a win after all these years by the oldest team. Player Soto just turned 21. Amazing! So sorry Charles Krauthammer didn’t live long enough to see his favorite team win. Hopefully, he’s happily watching from on high.

Column: Congress to tech workers, let them eat cake – There are a lot of Americans, Democrats and Republicans, who don’t want to work. The ones that do are losing out to foreign nationals. Is this any way to run our country? Speak up, Mr. President!

Salsbury award presented to longest serving Arizona hospital CEO – Congratulation Brian Turney. Thank you for your service to our community.

Gosar: It is beyond ignorant to claim the Kurds are our allies – Does it always have to be a Republican versus Democrat thing? Our “leaders” are the ones perpetuating the disconnect of the American people. America First!

Kingman residents show support for continuing Amtrak service – Once the trains are gone another part of America will be lost.

Student performance lags on nation’s report card – Don’t blame teachers. You don’t pay them enough, you don’t support their efforts, you treat them like babysitters and there aren’t enough of them to go around.

Gosar: It is beyond ignorant to call the Kurds our allies – Paul Gosar would not know a friend or an ally if he fell over one! What is ignorant is defending a heartless and foolhardy policy that every veteran and person serving in the armed forces knows is totally disgraceful.

Arizona initiative would limit private political contributions. encourage public financing of elections – This will go nowhere fast because the party in charge of this state is not interested in limiting private contributions. The party first, the country second.

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