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Rants and Raves | Nov. 13, 2019

City will contact residents for citizen survey, property tax inquiry – Why does the city waste money on such things? They already know the answer. But since they don’t want to admit it, here it is again: We don’t want any more taxes, and government needs to live within its means.

School Bond fails – As a teacher recently resigned, teaching is no longer a valued profession. Teachers babysit for parents that don’t parent and the rightwingers think educators are all communists (Thanks, Hannity.) I would not recommend the profession to anybody.

Veterans Day – Enjoyed the special Veterans Day section in Friday’s Nov. 8 paper. Thank you for serving.

We all owe thanks to Donald Trump for being such a buffoon – He is strengthening the Democratic Party! He is a fine court jester, but seriously folks, who is running this country?

Local schools just received their grades – Show us what the salaries for teachers are at each school. Show us the economic status of the parents at each school and I will show you why schools pass or fail.

Column: The words Trump had to hear: Investigation, Biden, Clinton – It ain’t over by a long shot, folks. We should have elected John Kasich in 2015 because this disaster is on us!

Democrats see trouble at the top of their ticket – Bloomberg should be the Democrats’ answer to Trump. He’s got as much money as the current president and he will show us his taxes!

Where are the high crimes? – If President Trump was to be impeached, history will be repeated!

The City of Kingman needs to clean out its swamp, and the sooner the better - The good old boys and girls need to bow out and stop trying to raise taxes. Seniors cannot afford to pay more.

Come salute veterans Saturday – Appreciate this parade. My husband served in the Navy – USS Los Angeles – a long time ago. I am aware other Kingmanites did also because they joined together right out of MCUHS, visits entailed hitchhiking home from San Diego. Memories!

President Trump’s tax returns will be incomprehensible (that means you will not understand) to 99.9% of the idiots that are demanding to see them. Do you think there will be a line item for Russian collusion expense?

Local schools just received their grades – Tests for schools aren’t the best but the state has to measure something and that’s the game administration and teachers have to play. KUSD didn’t fare well and more pay/money isn’t the answer. KUSD, you got some explaining to do.

Trump: Whistleblower must be brought forward to testify – AP, again, got it wrong. Trump did not pressure Zelensky (read the transcript) nor did he withhold funds from Ukraine but he had a right to since Ukraine is known for corruption. Zelensky didn’t know funds were coming.

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