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Letters to the Editor | Nov. 20, 2019

In support of rifles

Last month the U.S. House Judiciary Committee conducted a 3 1/2-hour hearing entitled “Protecting America from Assault Weapons.” During that hearing, the repetitive theme was that “Americans need protection from inanimate objects,” and not “violent people with criminal tendencies.”

Not surprisingly, the conclusion of the Democratic leadership at the hearing was the need to repeal the second amendment. Despite the current narrative that gun violence resulting in homicide is at historic epidemic proportions, data from the FBI tells a different story.

Hard data show violent crimes are not at an all-time high and more people were killed with knives, hammers, clubs and fists than rifles in 2018. Not just semi-automatic or so called “assault rifles,” but all rifles.

Even fists, feet and other weapons accounted for three times the number of deaths as by rifles. Rifles, including “assault weapons,” are used in only 2% of homicides.

If Congress wants to ban something, a good place to start is with knives, clubs, hammers and feet.

Bill McCune

President, Mohave Sportsman Club

Supporting Sinema

Reading about the censure of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was really disappointing. Sen. Sinema was voted in as a voice for the Democratic party in Washington but I guess she wasn’t told that her election required her to vote Democratic only, on all issues.

Sen. Sinema is a free thinker and has the right to vote for the good of Americans, not just her Democratic beliefs, which is what she did. The fact that these people are trying to sway her away from her free thinking by this censure is disturbing. How can they say one thing and then say she “has to vote like a Democrat”? Where are the American people on this? I hope she continues to vote for the people and not cave to this form of bullying, which is what it is.

This is why nothing is getting done in Washington. It’s not Republicans versus Democrats or Independents, it’s Republicans, Democrats or Independants versus the American people.

There will be those who will disagree with me and that’s OK. Vote as you like, but beware of the censures.

Sally Morisset

Golden Valley

Thank you very much

The Route 66 Cruizers would like to thank the following donors for their donation to the Halloween Bash: Stockton Hill Fire, Hackaberry General Store, Mike’s Towing, Preston Investment, Marty Swanty Hyundai, Boyd’s Outlaw Sleep Centers, Brown Drilling, Chris’ Autobody, Pawn World, West Coast Netting, R.A.M. Auto Specialists, Glass Chiropractic, Home Depot, Aarons’, Canada Mart, Floyd’s and Co., Station 66, Brake Masters, KJ, Jaxon and Kaiden, headquarters, City of Kingman, student volunteers of Lee Williams High School and car show anonymous donations.

Kathleen Bowman

Route 66 Cruisers

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