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Rants and Raves | Oct. 6, 2019

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Ukraine’s prosecutors say no probe into Biden – Ukraine prosecutors have been trying to get the truth to the US DOJ since summer 2018 (Hint: It’s not Biden’s story), then to New York U.S. attorney who showed no interest; then contacted Giuliani – just as he said.

2020 Iowa Democrats: Steaks, brats, beer – Yeah, all 10,200 pounds of beef. Dear God, don’t let Greta know you’re gorging on beef cooked on grills after you flew there in huge jets. Poor thing’s already hysterical.

Think twice about fishing pond – A question. How fond are you of mosquitoes, etc.?

Joe Biden will be impeachment’s first casualty – Probably so. The Republicans know they can depend on the Senate because the Republican party comes first and America comes second, right?

Dear Abby Column: Transgender – Transgender woman not! Still a male until death!

To the idiots who threw the fish in the desert at the end of Cheyenne Road. This is used by walkers, hikers, bikers and ATVs. The stench was incredible for a week. Second time it’s happened. Wake up, jerk.

Ukraine Prosecutor: No Probe Into Biden – No evidence of wrongdoing? Except Biden himself, as vice president, bragged on camera he (and Obama) would withhold a billion from Ukraine if they didn’t fire, within six hours, their top prosecutor who would be investigating Burisma including Hunter Biden. Wrongdoing!

Ukraine: No Probe of Biden – Zelensky brought up Merkel and Macron, not Trump. Read the seven pages yourself for truth. This farce is setting a precedent going so far by left wing Trump haters, it risks destroying the greatest country on Earth with no way back.

ASU Student scores Volker stepping down in Ukraine story scoop – Mykola Azarov, former Ukraine prime minister, said Biden’s son had to be investigated; asked Guiliani to do so. Trump, by law, had to investigate. Volker first volunteered so is remaining head of John McCain’s Institute for International Leadership at ASU.

Kavanaugh story: When objectivity doesn’t matter – How inappropriate and insulting to use what the Nazis did to the Jewish people (on the eve of Rosh Hashanah) to defend Kavanaugh! Where is your pro-life sentiment when it comes to kids in detention? What a hypocrite! Shame.

Where are the store clerks – Sure would be nice to have a store clerk at the cash registers in the stores, looks like we have to scan all our items and still the prices are going up. This process is stupid for sure.

John Micek column: Shock of Trump’s actions is that we’re shocked – Was Micek being Schiff’s “parody” writer? “Explosive” phone conversation? Hardly! Trump’s own interests? This man who created 7 million new jobs, 7 million off food stamps, made others pay their fair share and donates his salary to charity? More fake news.

Democrats hoist on their own transcript – Michael Shannon, you nailed it. “A crock of Schiff only the left could swallow.” Leave it to an Irishman or “God bless the Duke of Argyle” for leading us to truth through yet another left-wing maze of lies.

GOP has created impeachment – Due to the Trump party (once called Republicans) refusal to hold Trump accountable for anything while in office along with support for his refusal and total obstruction of oversight of Congress to check this president’s lawlessness is why we’re forced to deal with this runaway train.

Only shock about Trump’s actions is that we’re shocked – “While the underlying details of the complaint were eye-opening and alarming, it’s fundamental premise was not.” I couldn’t have said it better and I’m somewhat surprised that more Americans can’t understand what is going on in our country!

Our government has become a two-ring Eastern European circus. I have no confidence in either party. We keep electing fools who have nothing but their own interests at heart.

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