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Rants and Raves | Oct. 10, 2019

The Trumpstock festival in Golden Valley started with a prayer on Saturday, Oct. 5. (Photo by Agata Popeda/Kingman Daily Miner)

The Trumpstock festival in Golden Valley started with a prayer on Saturday, Oct. 5. (Photo by Agata Popeda/Kingman Daily Miner)

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Students honored for honesty – Good job, kids. Great program, too.

Danny Nall, 90, Going to DC – Fantastic! Thank you both for your service. Have a wonderful D.C. trip, Danny. We hope it is more than you could have ever imagined. My 96 1/2-year-old Chloride grandmother would have loved you.

Democrats intensify calls for impeachment information – AP lies. Schiff met with the whistleblower before he “secondhand listened,” then lied he hadn’t met him. Ukraine didn’t even know Trump had money for them. Per law, Trump has to follow corruption, something Biden and son definitely are.

Pelosi: “No one is above the law” – Pelosi and Schiff will eat those words along with the Bidens, and soon. Schiff appears demonic/mentally deranged. Pelosi, so filled with Trump hatred, said it didn’t matter if the Democrats lost the House in 2020. Just get Trump.

Sanders’ heart procedure – Sanders, a whacked-out nut, but good to know he has a heart and it is now fixed. I hope he’s able to learn the truth about so-called “fossil fuels” as he recovers. Trump just raised $125 million. Amazing!

Now that you went over Judge Neil Wake’s record, maybe you should go over the record of Gov. Ducey. A lot of shadiness going on. Something how now Kingman schools have to sell bonds to provide what is needed for our schools.

Brews, brats, and fun for tots – Fun for tots? Is this really an appropriate event to be bringing young children to? And we wonder what’s wrong with our youth. Even if you’re not drinking, you can’t deny this is a drinking event. Leave them out.

Arizona governor calls for resignation of federal judge – Taking a page right out of Trump’s playbook of trashing the Rule of Law when it applies to his misdeeds and grifting, Gov. Ducey is playing a dangerous game indeed. Education funds were misappropriated, and that’s the truth! Thug mentality!

Home Depot donates $5,000 to Healing Hooves – What a wonderful gesture to a very worthy cause! Kudos to Home Depot!

Trumpstock: The joy of being American – What a joke! The Joy of trampling on everything the Constitution and Rule of Law represent to honor a demented thug that just threatened “civil war” should he be found guilty of his crimes. How far this county has fallen.

Diplomat at center says he warned Ukraine – One more AP lie story. Trump didn’t push Ukraine to investigate Biden to help himself. Read the seven-page transcript. It ain’t there. But by law, he’s tasked to pursue corruption/also carefully watching Ukraine since we give them mucho dinero.

Trump has been busy using our government to extort and bully other countries to create dirt on his political opponents. Worse, he once again is inviting all his new best dictator buddies to attack our 2020 election to help keep him in office.

Blow that whistle. Our Country has lost it’s way with the current Republican administration in office. The Democrats aren’t much better but at least their every word is not total fiction. We are in real trouble as a nation. God can’t be happy.

Trumpstock is being relocated to Golden Valley – “The City was never very supportive of veterans, nor the president.” What in the world are you talking about? Give me examples!

Not just Ukraine, Trump now calls for China to probe Bidens – Says the man who will not show his taxes or business records to Americans.

How weak and insecure a candidate must be to bully outsiders for help to win an election. Whatever happened to doing a good job and winning on merit?

Trumpstock relocated to Golden Valley – Hmmm! Seems strange it was relocated. However, that will give us all a chance to see where the new location is; undoubtedly grab a bite to eat, etc. May work out even better this way. Thanks, Chief.

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