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Rants and Raves | Sept. 27, 2019

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Stephen Moore column: Democrats embrace population control – A best column ever – print and save. Moore nailed it. First, it’s stunning that so many would back a left-wing old atheist communist like Sanders in a Judeo-Christian founded country; his kill the unborn/population control stance is even worse.

Democrats trying to block border wall money maneuver – Again, this $3.5 billion was designated for the wall; the ACLU brought a lawsuit in a liberal court against it, getting it frozen. Taken to the Supreme Court, they overturned it, unfroze the money that was orginally designated for the wall.

Kingman Animal Shelter on Burbank Street – Why hide the shelter as if it’s an embarrassment? I’m hopeful this location will inspire more adoptions. Also, since the shelter would be more visible it may help to keep it in better repair.

Share of uninsured Americans rises – For the first time in 40 years, I am not insured. By choice. Premiums over $2,800/ a month, healthy, wish Congress would actually do something to make it “Affordable.” Thanks, Republicans for letting people choose. Is this why uninsured rates have increased, choice?

White House upgrade – Can hardly wait to see what classy First Lady Melania has done. Thank you to her and Mrs. Kennedy. I recall attacks on Nancy Reagan for new, expensive china that was paid for by Republican friends. Hope Melania escapes that.

Polling place – Since 2013 Mohave County has closed half the polling places. This is a tactic to suppress the vote, making it harder for low-income residents, seniors and non-drivers to get to a polling place. I guess the GOP can’t win without gaming the system. They offer nothing but deception.

Saudis says missile drone attacks from Iran – The Saudis are filthy rich, and filthier in their oppressive regime. They murder journalists, have no democracy, and financially backed 9/11. Just say no to the U.S. getting dragged into a dirty war with Iran for their ambitions. NO.

Mohave County assessor claims boyfriend charged by sheriff in retaliation – Sheriff (Doug) Schuster has done a wonderful job working to bring our Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century, with fairness and integrity. He strives to serve and protect the public. I have confidence that this is a bogus accusation.

City, property owners could partner for downtown facelift – Please continue with these wonderful plans to keep Downtown Kingman vibrant. This is vital to our future.

Trump bars California from setting stricter fuel standards – Trump did not live in California during the 1950s and ‘60s when smog pollution was a way of life. Try keeping your hand in something simple, Trump. Like your juvenile tweets.

Since 2013, Mohave County closed half of its polling places – Of course they did it because of race, right? How ridiculous. Voting here for years, there’s rarely two other voters there ever. Living in the greatest country on Earth, we should be willing to walk 20 miles to vote.

New Kavanaugh accusation – Left out. All of Blasey Ford’s friends now say they were coerced into supporting her claims; one even said Ford lied. It’s all to destroy Kavanaugh in a desperate attempt by the left to keep killing unborn human babies.

Censuring Sinema – How can one ever find solutions near the center when Democrats and Republicans think they must be opposites instead of finding what’s best for Arizonans and the rest of the U.S. citizens? Don’t censure, promote her.

Kelly in Kingman – Mark Kelly’s meet and greet in Kingman last night shows he’s ready to defend Arizona unlike his challenger (the current Trump troll), who will defend Social Security/Medicare, lower medical/drug prices, is a life time gun owner ready for realistic gun reform and has “the right stuff” to replace another true hero John McCain.

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