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Tue, May 26

Obituary | Frances Black Madole

Frances Black Madole

Frances Black Madole

Frances Black Madole

The beloved youngest baby of Arthur and Mabel Black of Kingman, Arizona, took her last hike straight into the arms of eternity at age 80 on March 29, 2020.

Surviving family members are sons whom Fran adored: Jay and Steven Madole, and sisters, Mai Black Gray and Helen Black Tapp.

After eighth grade, Fran entered the Adrian Dominican nuns to follow two older siblings, Marian AKA Sister Madonna Marie, and Viola AKA Sister Rose Regina, both having passed. Fran chose a name in their honor and as Sister Rose Madonna became a master fine educator of mostly kindergarten and first-graders, along with all duties related to church and school music.

Kingman was the recipient of Fran’s immense talent as an artistic calligrapher, chorus director and mastered degreed elementary teacher inspiring more children than one can ever imagine along with those in Henderson, Nevada, for 7 years. With perfect pitch, she could replicate any tune she’d heard and entertained all who knew her both vocally and on the piano.

A prolific reader, always forging ahead alone, Fran traveled western Europe along with valleys and mountain peaks as an avid hiker. If you come across neatly placed stones marking a path, it most likely will be the work of Frances Black Madole created over a span of 50 years.

With heightened deep spirituality Fran communed with nature in its deepest form. Around others, she was the life of any gathering. After her March, 2013 tragic brain injury fall forced her into a world of silence, she never-the-less, while at Desert Highlands, smiled for all who lovingly entered her space. Fran, we are enriched and made better knowing and sharing your spirit, which will linger forever. Due to the pandemic, there will be no scheduled service at this time.

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