Community View | Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has a conflict of interest

With a fraction of a percent of a death rate in Arizona, it is now very obvious that continuing to use the word pandemic when referring to COVID-19 is ludicrous, and it makes you wonder why some of our elected public servants are continuing to do so. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s executive order to once again extend the economy-crushing business closures, and continue the face mask and social distancing rituals, might make sense if we take a look at what Ducey does when he is not busy destroying Arizona.

Gov. Ducey sits on the Board of Tgen. Tgen is an Arizona-based research company, very invested in research, testing and a vaccine for COVID-19, testing and a vaccine from which Ducey could in some way benefit.

We were just recently informed by Ducey that his “emergency executive order and closure mandates” are “indefinite.” Yes, continued crippling INDEFINITELY for a virus that is affecting a fraction of 1% of the state. And he of course then passes his orders down to all of his subordinate mayors, who have all been too willing to follow his baseless orders, subsequently doing their part in destroying their towns and cities.

The conflict of interest is astounding. It is very concerning that Ducey’s involvement with Tgen may be affecting his decision to keep Arizona locked down long enough to then be “coerced” into testing and vaccines. It is past time the Attorney General investigates Ducey abusing his position of power to benefit from his indefinite “emergency orders” and research his bias to keep Arizona held hostage for potential personal and/or financial gain.

(Bridget Langston is a resident of Kingman.)

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