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Rants and Raves | August 23, 2020

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A Burning Issue – Thank you to all the firefighters. I can’t imagine doing your job in this weather. You are awesome to work in this heat to keep us safe.

Rants and Raves – I would like to thank whoever is in charge of Rants and Raves. I love reading every entry. You manage to gather together all the buffoons from both sides of the aisle. It’s better than Comedy Central or SNL.

With reopenings pegged to positivity rates, Angius calls for more testing in Mohave County – No surprise here. Supervisor Hildy Angius also promised to serve only two terms. Maybe more tests would have been supplied had she initially supported more testing. She was a “no” before she was a “yes.” Whatever supports her agenda.

Democratic National Convention – I have only watched clips of the Democratic convention. Couldn’t stand to watch more. I have never seen such bias, criticism and mean-spirited comments from media, former presidents and the speaker of the house. Shame on these Americans!

Why is it that every time a Trump crony gets in legal trouble, Trump’s defense is he hasn’t seen nor talked to them in a while. Trump claimed he would be surrounded by great people. He meant criminals like him.

Democratic convention a bust – There is absolutely no substance in the Democratic convention. One can’t make an educated choice if you were to be undecided in a vote. This is just a presidential-bashing filled with contempt! These speakers lack any class.

I am puzzled why GOP would embrace QAnon group which has been labeled a “terrorist group” by the FBI. It’s incredible that Trump has legitimized this fanatic group just because they like him.

Democratic non-convention – If a zombie was the Democratic nominee, Democrats would vote zombie just to vote against President Trump. Biden need not worry. Democrats will guide and tell him what to do. The living dead.

I never knew it was democratic practice for any president to use their powers to go after their enemies but that’s what Trump is doing. We have a dictator and criminal as our leader.

Protests continue in some cities – I fail to see why so-called white protesters are rioting, looting and vandalizing. If you don’t have a dog in the fight, go home and stop taking from the real message, which has been exhausted. P.S. I am brown.

Steve Bannon just arrested for fraud. He won’t go to jail, though, because Trump will pardon him for his silence on Trump’s criminal activities.

Every time we read the approved building permits, we are floored at all of the new homes being built. Did we miss something, or did we suddenly find a new water source? Not! Water is still a huge concern, seriously!

California relocating invasion – California is quickly moving into Kingman. We would welcome you, if you did not want to change Kingman. Liberals, please enjoy Kingman for what it is, not for what you want it to be. Then why leave California?

Mail delivery top priority – Let’s see, 50 million ballots to be mailed out to wrong addresses, dead people, cats. What could possibly go wrong? Prepare for the biggest ballot screw-up in our history, no decision for weeks/months? Possibly Pelosi steps in as POTUS?

In presidential history there has never been so many indictments of a president’s allies. What happened to Republicans following the rule of law? They won’t say or do anything because they’re just as dirty.

Biden vows to end season of darkness – Until the China virus was dumped on us, that “season of darkness” included rebuilding our Obama-destroyed military, most jobs created in decades, lowest unemployment rates for Blacks/Hispanics, American embassy moved to Jerusalem, death of all terrorist leaders, oil leader.

With reopenings pegged to positivity rates, Angius calls for more testing in Mohave County – Angius and the entire county commission failed by downplaying the virus and prematurely reopening. Your refusal to wear masks and encourage citizens to do so harmed us. Your recklessness caused more harm to the economy in the long run.

With reopenings pegged to positivity rates, Angius calls for more testing in Mohave County – Hildy Angius, photographed at Republican picnic, without a mask or physically distancing, now pondering reopening. We do not know if people can be reinfected. Your poor response to the virus from the get-go, is the reason we can’t reopen.

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