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Rants and Raves | August 26, 2020

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Response to “Buffoon rant” – It takes a “real buffoon” to continue to read and enjoy these rants that you deem to be written by buffoons. The Miner offers a great service in allowing residents to vent. A stress release valve is crucial. Trying times!

Some people don’t like Trump but Biden is a vote for a Communism/socialist country. Review Venezuela. That is what our country will look like with the Biden administration. Our freedoms will be gone.

With reopenings pegged to positivity rates, Angius calls for more testing – Hildy will have a hard time convincing those spreading the virus to take it seriously after she promoted a campaign of “it’s not so serious!” Due to poor leadership, misinformation and stubborn resistance, the worst is still ahead.

I witnessed quaint California desert cities like Victorville and Barstow mutate into hubs for gangs and the unemployed due to low-income housing such as Section 8. Want to protect Kingman from this fate? Don’t let your politicians sell you out!

Mohave Community College to offer trucker training course – MCC should implement more computerized courses instead. Near Tucson, semis are being tested on the interstate driverless.

Letter: “We need a debate“ – It isn’t that Mark Kelly doesn’t want to get to know his constituents. He doesn’t want his constituents to get to know him, and what he stands for!

McSally asks people to skip a meal to donate to her campaign – The Republican Party has dumped millions into Martha’s failing campaign, and now working class people should fast to give her more! She offers broken promises and false claims of aiding Arizonans, when, in truth, she hasn’t!

People here need to wear masks. I was in Safeway and saw at least 20 people not wearing masks. I feel sorry for the grocery checkers. Isn’t it mandatory or is this just a “do what you want” city?

First it was niece Mary Trump that came out with truths about the president. Now his sister, a former federal judge, has come out as well. Unfortunately, Republicans voters will ignore the truth.

RNC Convention Opens in Charlotte – What a pack of AP lies! Trump “angrily” dumped Charlotte? It will be burdensome for the RNC to replicate the DNC convention? Why would they? This one kicked off with Trump, crowd on fire, bright future, Trump ahead in many polls.

Cindy McCain video on Biden – John McCain was a man of courage, principle and character. He placed country above party more than once. He, too, would be stumping for Joe Biden. It’s time to bring our country back to civility, decency and responsible government.

Postmaster DeJoy, welcome to the hysterical left who will do anything to make Trump lose. Mailbox removal is always done when only small amounts of mail are deposited as it causes waste. Not a devious Trump plan at all.

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