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Rants and Raves | August 30, 2020

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Hurricane Laura – Let’s all focus some love light for our brothers and sisters now having to rebuild and heal from this storm and its devastation.

Erik Molvar and Jennifer Molidar op-ed: Cows: ‘Ecological misfits of the West’ – I wish everyone in the West would read and understand this column. You can’t keep doing what you’ve done for generations. More thought and caring needs to be taken to prevent wildlife and water depletion.

RNC hosted over 1,500 people. No masks on the White House lawn during a pandemic. We’ve already lost over 180,000 Americans. What kind of leader disregards all the deaths from COVID-19. Abraham Lincoln would be turning over in his grave.

Mayor: Masks required through Dec. 31 in Kingman – Good job, Mayor Miles! Thank you for standing up for saving lives and slowing the spread of this killer. It’s hard to fly like an eagle amid a flock of gulls! Sadly the no-maskers will whine like crybabies.

Mayor: Masks required through Dec. 31 in Kingman – Recall Jen Miles! Power has gone to her head! Miles doesn’t care about quality of life in Kingman. This is all about control. If you believe in freedom from government overreach then recall Miles. Kingman used to stand for freedom.

Mayor: Masks required through Dec. 31 in Kingman – Jennifer Miles is what happens when no one steps up to run against her. She does what she wants!

Mayor: Masks required through Dec. 31 in Kingman – Mayor Miles, do you know how to read? Do you understand what you read? Do you know how to do research? Then, by God, do your research about face masks and what they can do to people! They’re not needed!

Mayor: Masks required through Dec. 31 in Kingman – We refuse to wear masks, so we don’t visit Kingman businesses. We order online and visit Prescott to eat out and buy gifts in their shops. They have social distancing but no mask dictates. Would rather shop in Kingman.

Mayor: Masks required through Dec. 31 in Kingman – Masks in Kingman through December? The mayor has lost her mind! Kingman service area encompasses 50,000-plus people. Infection rate is low. Mask-wearing needs to be by choice, not intimidation. Go Travis, this needs council approval. Stop the tyrant’s overreach!

Mayor: Masks required through Dec. 31 in Kingman – I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision for Mayor Miles with all the arrogant, whiners out there trembling in fear their rights are being taken away. Defiance is not always patriotic; in this case it just seems ignorant.

Mayor: Masks required through Dec. 31 in Kingman – Has the mayor even been to Walmart? Put a couple of cops in the store.

Mayor: Masks required through Dec. 31 in Kingman – Bravo to our mayor for the extension of face-mask wearing in Kingman. It has been medically proven to help stop the spread of the virus. People who oppose this proclamation believe they are medical experts.

Trump using the people’s house, the White House, was repugnant. I felt like I was watching a dictator.

Want a saint to vote for? They’re all in Heaven. Trump fulfilled promises in 3 1/2 years. Biden, a senator for 47 years, vice president for eight and nothing. Yet he says he’ll fix things now? Who’s he fooling?

Survivors’ Stories – Agata Popeda’s interview with Stacy Anderson was a compelling read. Stacy, I wish you a complete recovery; keep taking care of yourself. Thanks for sharing your experience on this important topic.

My two grandsons are kindergartners that are doing online schooling because Trump and his administration were ill-equipped and lack the leadership to handle this national crisis. I pray their education won’t be impacted.

Melania Trump speaks – She didn’t speak to the Russian hoax because, AP, it was a hoax! Duh! Perps were President Obama, Biden, CIA’s Brennan, many lefties in the FBI, all trying to take down a duly-elected POTUS. Time for some prison time.

Fact checkers were going crazy and working overtime as they watched the Republican National Convention.

Survivors’ stories: So I guess this explains why Supervisor Angius doesn’t bother to wear a face covering at board meetings. Not concerned about reinfection or infecting others.

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