Rants and Raves | Dec. 4, 2020

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‘We Will Not Comply’ protest slated for Friday, Dec. 4 in Kingman – Good to see these hard-working people have important things to do at 1 p.m. on a Friday like protest safety measures that are already loosely enforced, contributing to the rise in (coronavirus) cases.

‘We Will Not Comply’ protest slated for Friday, Dec. 4 in Kingman – What the heck prompted this? These people need to get a life! It’s just a good way to share germs, show ignorance and kill time.

2021 Route 66 festival in the works for Kingman – Remember when Kingman hosted the International Route 66 Festival and the whole of Kingman was going to change for the better. When is this town going to realize tourism has minimal economic impact here. Build up industry.

America the Beautiful is White House Christmas theme – Why do you print AP stories such as this that say Trump keeps insisting he won election but there’s NO PROOF. The proof is absolutely, undeniably overwhelming. You can’t figure out the AP relentlessly hates and attacks Donald Trump? Shameful!

‘We Will Not Comply’ protest slated for Friday, Dec. 4 in Kingman – Attendees are to “exercise your freedom of speech and your right to bear arms.” No one is threatening those rights! Science took us to the moon; believe science! Wear a mask.

‘We Will Not Comply’ protest slated for Friday, Dec. 4 in Kingman – Why are we not having a protest about seat belts or the blood alcohol limits related to DUIs? Don’t we have the right to fly through our windshields if we want?

‘We Will Not Comply’ protest slated for Friday, Dec. 4 in Kingman – So sick of this small but vocal group of idiots and “their rights.” Since when does something you don’t want to do become a right?

Prop 207: High expectations and deep concerns over recreational marijuana in Kingman – Seventy-two percent of Kingman voters supported recreational cannabis legalization, and now local bureaucrats are attempting to slow-walk implementation of Proposition 207 by preventing dispensaries which strictly sell recreational marijuana from opening. Kingman officials are disregarding the voters.

Rant: We like Mexican food – Why should it be up to the city to decide which entrepreneurs get to open a business? The free market dictates which businesses stay and which go.

Mark Kelly – We do not want Mark Kelly in that position. We all voted for McSally. Mark Kelly was a side effect of the Biden mess. Do not confirm him.

Arizona vote count certified – Biden won? How can that be? KDM said he won Mohave County in a landslide! LOL. Can’t wait to have sane and competent leadership again. Only 49 days to go!

Don Martin column: Disabled veteran scores on Kaibab hunt – How sad. One of God’s beautiful animals unable to live out its life because man has a rifle.

Mohave County Supervisors grill Public Health over coming vaccine – Leave it to Mr. Gould to inject his tired conspiracy theories into an informative public service discussion on what hopefully will be a solution to this pandemic. Stop with the opinions, ask relevant questions and let’s move forward.

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