Rants and Raves | Dec. 6, 2020

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Rant: We like Mexican food ... – Shame on you! We still live in a (partially) free country. If someone wants to open any type of restaurant, that’s their choice. If you don’t like it, open your own restaurant.

Rant: We like Mexican food ... – If you like Mexican food, you know there can never be enough Mexican restaurants. This is a capitalistic society. Competition is good. That means as many as the market will carry! What is your problem here?

Kingman City Council adopts ‘restrictive’ marijuana ordinance – Too bad our City Council is not as concerned with the death and suffering from COVID-19 as they are the “dangers” of marijuana. What a sick sense of priorities.

Morgaine asks AG to look into Mohave County’s failure to respond to complaints against planning commission members – Ms. Morgaine needs to stop wasting our time and resources to crucify LaJuana Gillette. She spoke the truth that Muslims want to force Sharia law on us in America. It’s racist to speak the truth?

Morgaine asks AG to look into Mohave County’s failure to respond to complaints against planning commission members – What is most important to me about this article is that all government must answer to the people. I don’t see it having happened in this case. If they will ignore one of us, they will ignore others, maybe you.

Among first acts, Biden to call for 100 days of mask wearing – But wait. Joe already said his first act would be giving citizenship to 11 million illegals. I’m sure he’s also planning ways to get himself and his son Hunter off, also.

GOP Majority Leader McConnell weeps as his GOP colleague retires but has never shed a tear for the 274,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19 during this pandemic.

Mohave County records 312 new cases and 4 more deaths in 2 days – When will county and city leadership, and local residents, accept that we should all be pulling together with masks and social distancing to protect the vulnerable? Where is the spirit of the season when it comes to respecting human life?

Mohave County reports 111 new COVID-19 cases – For those complaining about no mask mandate, I moved to Mohave County from California, where masks have been strictly enforced. Guess what? They aren’t working in California. If you want to wear one, please do, but MYOB otherwise.

We will not comply protest slated for Kingman – Ms. Langston, what about the rights of the thousands of high-risk people who live here to be able to live in their community in safety and good health? You are abusing the term “rights” in a sick, selfish way!

We will not comply protest slated for Kingman – A peaceful demonstration in good faith does not come armed. Encouraging attendees to bring their guns and using the words “our Creator” and “God-given rights” seems misguided and twisted.

We will not comply protest slated for Kingman – So what is Bridget’s group not complying with this week? They already got rid of the face mask ordinance (COVID cases are spiking) and launched a recall against the mayor (she’s still in office).

We will not comply protest slated for Kingman – At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of a child destined to bring us a message of “Love for One Another.” Bridget Langston and her maskless friends apparently missed that message!

I see fuel went up in Kingman, which is already an over-priced area. I drove to Bullhead City and fueled up with a net savings of $13.74. I will not be buying fuel in Kingman again.

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