Rants and Raves | Dec. 11, 2020

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Kingman’s Christmas Wonderland ranter – Ebenezer Scrooge is alive and well on Shadow Mountain Drive. A “For Sale” sign might help end it for you. Bah, humbug!

Kingman’s Christmas Wonderland – Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Preston for the wonderful display of Christmas lights that you display every year!

Kingman City Council adopts ‘restrictive’ recreational marijuana ordinance – As Kingman considers where to place marijuana dispensaries, I hope they decide to put them in “appropriate” places. I’ve seen areas of some towns look very seedy, depending on where their marijuana and tattoo parlors were situated.

‘We will not comply’ protest draws a crowd in Kingman – These people who refuse to participate in virus mitigation efforts are killing there fellow citizens. Wow. Politicizing mask wearing is like politicizing toilet paper. I wonder how fast they drive on our streets and highways; speed limits, clearly freedom restricted.

‘We will not comply’ protest draws a crowd in Kingman – Sad. Masks = PROVEN way to slow COVID. Each owes it to each other to protect themselves and others by doing what they can – simply wearing a mask. Numbers increase when masks are ignored putting strain on hospitals, staffs.

‘We will not comply’ protest draws a crowd in Kingman – Good Lord! What a pathetic batch of humanity. These people are being played like a fiddle by Trump. Just like Nero, Trump is fiddling while Rome burns.

Kingman installing dry wells to help recharge aquifer – These dry wells are great - but wait - stop giving permits for pistachio farms!

Mohave County health director: Local hospitals strained – Thank you, Denise Burley, for attempting to tell the truth to a BOS that does not want to hear it! Hildy Angius displays a callous disregard for public health and safety, and truth itself. This virus IS NOT GETTING BETTER!

Mohave County health director: Local hospitals strained – Hildy Angius is as ignorant and radical as the “we will not comply” morons. She believes deaths are OK. The BOS must take action to help prevent further spread of this real pandemic. Remember this the next election!

Mohave County health director: Local hospitals strained – Listening to Supervisor Angius at the BOS meeting misinforming the public with unsubstantiated facts like “the virus is weakening” and “we’re kind of on a good track” while disregarding MCDPH is disturbing. Clearly, her view is the elderly are expendable.

Kingman suffers 180 new COVID-19 cases, 2 deaths – Why not give us the rest of the story. How many hospitalized? How many self-quarantined? How many false positives? Educate the public with the WHOLE story, not just the attention getting headline. Shame on Mohave County.

Survivors remember Pearl Harbor at home this year – An attack at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 took U.S. to war and killed 2,403 Americans. Now over 2,000 Americans are dying daily on Trump’s watch and all he cares about is spreading false claims of election fraud.

Shop local – I’d support local, small businesses, but they don’t support immune-compromised customers? I must now patronize corporations that enforce a mask policy. Immune-compromised individuals don’t get out much, but when we do we spend a lot of money!

Biden adjusting agenda due to narrow divide – Interesting! Not a bad word about old Joe; nothing like the nearly five-year onslaught every single day against Trump. Hey man, hard to believe, old Joe stayed hidden, never really campaigned, couldn’t draw 12 people, BUT HE WON! Really?

Health-related issues to dominate County BOS meeting – Has Ron Gould noticed the uptick in cases and deaths? NOTHING says “harassment” like having to stay home because some people will not wear masks! AND NOTHING says discomfort like having a ventilator shoved down your throat.

Serious raves to Councilwoman Jamie Scott Stehly and Councilman Keith Walker for upholding the recreational use criteria voted in by the people of Arizona and Mohave County.

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