Rants and Raves | Dec. 13, 2020

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‘We Will Not Comply’ protest draws a crowd in Kingman – Someone mentioned that 92% of deaths are those 55 and older. The median age in Mohave County is 51 years, meaning that almost half of the population is at high risk. Also, older people still matter.

Andy Worth letter: “Don’t promote the crazies” – In my experience around town most people seem to be wearing masks and have been for months, but the number of infections has continued to increase dramatically. That would seem to indicate that the masks must not do much.

Another 359 infected, 6 dead, in Mohave County – Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands thoroughly. Be a hero. Save lives!

Hunter Biden tax probe examining Chinese business dealings – This story is white-washed. Read the real details which include Biden’s brother, all of which are in the pockets of the communist Chinese, all the while pushing the fake Russia hoax about Trump. By comparison, Trump’s an angel.

Gun restrictions face uphill battle – President Biden is not coming for your guns! He will have his hands full trying to save us from the devastating effects of COVID-19 and the economic mess that is left to him from an incompetent administration!

The mask fanatics are not willing to recognize reality. True experts know that masks don’t stop the virus. Look behind the curtain. Money and politics fuel this so-called pandemic. Very sad, but true. Stop helping them perpetrate the lie.

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