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Sat, Jan. 22

Community View | Arizona legislature needs to appoint new electors

The Arizona Legislature does not need a two-thirds majority nor does it require the authorization of the governor to call a special session to appoint electors. Nationally recognized Constitutional experts, two of which are Joe Wolverton and Democrat Alan Dershowitz, state that the Legislature has plenary power to call a special session and with GOP majorities may appoint their own electors. In addition, the experts state that the governor is completely powerless in this process.

During my telephone call with Speaker Bowers last week, he said that he “doubts the Legislature has this power” and that he “won’t go against my oath,” this despite what Constitutional scholars and experts have repeatedly stated. Apparently Speaker Bowers has conveniently forgotten that his oath is to the Constitution and that the Constitution states the Legislature has the power to appoint electors!

Either Speaker Bowers is willfully ignorant about the Arizona Legislature’s expressed plenary power, or he is overtly dishonest in his comments and press releases in an effort to avoid his duty and responsibilities to follow the Constitution and the demands of tens of thousands of his constituents to allow legislators to appoint electors. I ask you and your fellow legislators in the strongest terms possible, to not follow the incompetent lead of Speaker Bowers and to call a special session with the existing plenary powers that you have to appoint GOP electors based upon the chronic corruption and malfeasance that has been proven in our election.

Benjamin Franklin stated that he and the Founding Fathers devised for us, “a Republic, if you can keep it.” That’s precisely what you and your legislative colleagues are being asked to do right now by thousands upon thousands of Arizona citizens. The only question now is whether you can muster the courage to do your duty, and I and my fellow Arizona citizens pray that all of you can summon the wisdom to do so.

(Michael Kosters is a resident of Kingman.)

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