Rants and Raves | Dec. 16, 2020

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Mohave County declines state funding for enforcing COVID-19 measures – Does the board of supervisors ever pull their heads out of the sand long enough to see cases rising rapidly and deaths with them? This is a reckless and callous decision. Local businesses will not survive if shoppers don’t!

Supreme Court Refuses Attack on Biden Win – Attack? The election was stolen. A side note. Kamala Harris is not a U.S. citizen, therefore not even qualified to be VP or POTUS.

Mohave County geology: Why the mountain looks that way – Another great article by Mr. Vega.

Andy Worth letter: Don’t promote the ‘crazies’ – G.W. Bush, Fox News, talk radio and even mainstream press emboldened the crazies. Trump grew that into a cult. Now nobody – Romney, Ducey, Pence – no one is able to put the “crazies” back under a rock. Where are “normal” Republicans?

Mohave County childhood immunization program put on hold – Make up your mind, Hildy. There is a nurse shortage to help with the immunizations for COVID-19 because of the onslaught of COVID patients in the hospital. So you obviously understand COVID is real and it is killing people.

Sheriff’s office investigates shooting in Havasu – Two cops approach suspect with felony warrants, unarmed. He flees. Cops tackle and shoot him. Excessive force? Damn right!

Health director: Local hospitals strained – Mohave County Health Director gives her report to the board and is publicly challenged and berated by Hildy Angius. Ms. Burley is paid with taxpayer dollars for expertise, education and knowledge in health matters. Listen and respect her, Hildy!

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