Rants and Raves | Dec. 18, 2020

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Masks rant – Of course the ones wearing masks are still wearing them. They are the survivors. The people not wearing masks are catching the virus from each other. Duh.

“Trump’s an angel” rave – I’ve been following him on the news for the entire four years and now all I see are the horns on his head.

Anti-mask protest draws a crowd to Kingman – Doctors and nurses giving their all for humanity and you have these morons in front of the health building. What excuse will they have when they stand before the creator?

When your trees drop their leaves, be a good neighbor and pick them up before they blow into your neighbors’ yards.

Biden/Harris elected – The Republican Party again shows its true colors. If things don’t go their way, they resort to intimidation, threats and violence. This doesn’t need to happen in these United States of America. This is not Russia.

Kamala Harris rant – Trump has lost the election. Not opinion but fact. Kamala is a citizen born in Oakland, California. Why the Miner would print something saying she isn’t is reckless just like the smear campaign that was run on Obama.

Not one, but two pictures of proud hunters who “bagged” animals. Must be so rewarding to pass on this legacy. It takes a REAL man to shoot and kill ANY animal. Right?

Community View: Arizona legislature needs to appoint new electors – Michael Kosters, how DARE you! You are attempting to take away my right to vote for my choice in an election. I am sure other voters, also in their right minds, are as enraged as I am!

Methadone is the gold standard for opioid use disorder – Methadone is far from the gold standard. It’s actually last on the list.

Mohave County declines state funding for enforcing COVID-19 safety measures – Supervisor Ron Gould said “I don’t want a King of Arizona or a King of the United States,” yet HE is acting like a king by refusing to enforce safety measures that could save lives!

Supreme Court rejects Trump attack on election – No, AP. Not an attack; a lawful right. Biden’s two dogs have their own Instagram account; Biden showed them today ripping a Trump doll to pieces. You’re a class act, Joe. NOT. Probably trained as well as Biden trained Hunter.

Local builders cite concerns with ongoing zoning ordinance update – The only concern they have is making max profit. They could care less what it looks like. Take some pride in your projects.

Local builders cite concerns with ongoing zoning ordinance update – Please stay in your lane, government of Kingman. Elevation changes block views and can provide intrusive vantage points for neighbors and impose a hardship on the builders of Kingman who build what buyers (future taxpayers) want.

Hunter Biden tax probe rants – This is your worry? How come you never cared about Trump’s tax returns?

Mohave County immunization program put on hold – Supervisor Angius should do her research before peddling misinformation. The vaccine has been proven effective. She continually hijacks BOS meetings, effectively muzzling the health department while they are trying to inform the public. The truth doesn’t seem to interest her.

Kelli Ward and her GOP colleagues are delusional. They actually think their fake electoral votes are significant. It’s appalling that the legal 11 Democratic electors had to meet in an undisclosed place because of Republican crazies’ threats.

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