Rants and Raves | Dec. 20, 2020

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Gun show at the fairgrounds this weekend – A big gun show in the middle of a serious rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths? Really? What are they planning? To shoot this killer virus? Those guns will be a comfort when they put you on a ventilator.

COVID-19 kills 4 more Mohave County residents, case count continues to swell – Cases and deaths still rising rapidly and zero attention from county supervisors! Wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing. We all need to pull together to save lives. All we have is each other!

Veteran Villas in Kingman welcomes first 10 vets – It was so wonderful to end this difficult year with the wonderful news about Veterans Villas. I am so glad to see this happen for our cherished, deserving veterans.

Biden has been elected. Come on, guys, give him the same respect that the Democrats have given President Trump for the last four years!

Accept it. It’s over. Biden won and Trump’s lies of fraud and election being rigged are false. There is absolutely no proof that this was nothing more than the most secure election in our history. Stop whining and move on.

Mohave County reports 143 new COVID-19 cases, 2 additional deaths – The world is one big hospital. People wearing masks. Drug ads on TV. Drug signs on corners. Drug signs in stores. Everyone on drugs. Everyone a hypochondriac. Articles about sickness in every newspaper. Are any healthy people left on Earth?

“Trump is an Angel” rant – You are an idiot saying Trump is an angel. Biden is way better then that farce of a man in the White House.

State reports 125 new cases in Mohave County and no deaths today – “And no deaths today?” The deaths come weeks after, folks! Wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash hands thoroughly! With leadership in total denial of this crisis at the county level we must take care of each other.

Mohave County immunization program put on hold – If we do not cease to block efforts to mitigate this virus, there will be even more programs put on hold. The board of supervisors needs to start realizing we are entering crisis mode and people’s lives are at stake!

Dumping trash in the desert – Shame on you people for dumping your mattresses, vacuum parts and other trash in the desert near Fountain Hills subdivision. Can’t the county provide an area that people can bring their trash and the county can haul it to the landfill?

McConnell resists state aid in COVID deal – Multi-millionaire Pelosi couldn’t care less about the little guy. A most pathetic human. Recall her tearing up an actual POTUS speech in front of the world, always watching the cameras to make sure they’re on her. A very sick woman.

“We will not comply” protest draws a crowd to Kingman – This bunch should wait until there are restrictions or mandates in place before protesting. It should be “we will not comply, nor will we seek out ER medical treatment if we are infected with COVID.”

Mohave County prepares to assist with COVID-19 vaccination program – It is amazing in the face of such suffering that Ron Gould and Judge Gurtler make decisions that affect our lives based on their paranoid delusions! This BOS is not assisting. It is obstructing efforts to mitigate the virus!

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