Rants and Raves | Dec. 27, 2020

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An article in the Miner stated Kingman is the safest town in Arizona to drive. With many drivers running red lights and speeding on Stockton Hill, one wonders where are the police? Seems like the speed limit is somewhere between 35 and 50 mph.

COVID relief bill sent to Trump – We will borrow from the Chinese (really!) to pay for this bill which sends money all over the world for outrageous causes, and gives hard-hit Americans $600. President Trump, say “no” to this outrage.

Birx’ travels, family visits highlight pandemic safety perils – What a dirtbag. Birx tells us to go nowhere; then does her own family visit. When confronted, she falls apart and says she will retire soon. Good riddance!

Mohave County Board of Supervisors to consider declaring Mohave a Constitutional Sanctuary County – Board of Supervisors meetings have become the “Hildy Show,” fully orchestrated by her and packed by the same tired, angry people who indignantly over-dramatize outrage at the board, then during breaks go chum it up with her. What a farce.

Rockets over the River Dec. 25 – My husband and I agree, this was the best fireworks display we’ve ever seen! Viewed from our room at the Aquarius!

Mask mandates – I consider not wearing a mask and burning the American flag equal. Burning the flag does not make you a revolutionary and not wearing a mask does not make you a patriot.

Kingman High School student earns prestigious scholarship to school in Maine – Congratulations to Jason and the fine teachers and staff of KHS. Keep up the good work.

Andy Worth letter: It’s time to get serious about COVID-19 in Mohave County – Thank you, Andy. You just submitted the letter I was working on to the editor! C’mon locals, let’s start working together to save some lives and slow the spread of this killer virus. Mask, distance, hands.

Another 10 Mohave County residents die from complications of COVID-19 – County officials should respond by denying conspiracy theories and encouraging all county residents to mask and distance voluntarily. It’s time to act responsibly.

Another 10 Mohave County residents die from complications of COVID-19 – Our worthless governor, Mohave County Supervisors and Kingman city officials along with Bullhead City and Lake Havasu are totally spineless and worthless in helping curb the coronavirus. A good part of Kingman population fits into that category as well.

Mike McCallister letter: Biden’s Just A Front Man – Absolutely correct! This would be Obama’s third term, basically. He didn’t screw us up enough before; he wants another shot at taking us down; even lives near the White House itself. Still not a U.S. citizen, just like Commie Harris.

Georgia pastor and Trump adviser tests positive for COVID-19 – Blessings and prayers going out to Pastor Franklin, a wonderful Christian man. Who knows where he got it but I went into the hospital for another malady and got the virus while there. I’m old but doing fine, also.

Peeples Valley cowboy reflects on 6 decades in the saddle – Wonderful story! Give us more like this one. God bless this couple and wishing them a wonderful, blessed Christmas and New Year. They certainly blessed us here.

Kingman man’s eastern Arizona sheep hunt was short but sweet – Anyone that would kill an animal this beautiful, or any animal for that matter, is in need of serious counseling.

Coral Hanson letter: SSI to increase 1.3% in 2021 – She forgot to mention Medicare increase of 10.4%. Average SS check is $1,400, leaving net increase of $4. Don’t spend it all in one place.

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