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Sun, May 22

Letter | Stimulus should be for people who are hurting

I feel Congress and the president are too snug during COVID 19, adding bills or laws to a stimulus bill. There are many people hurting but they are not hurting. First, the Congress put in stimulus a bunch of foreign aid, Space Force, corporation and church money, but they don’t pay taxes. I feel they are all willing to give OPM – other people’s money – to all their friends and families and organizations who don’t put money in the till. First of all, the government and churches are suppose to be separate. Secondly, they don’t pay taxes. Large companies or corporations should have major savings accounts; not take tax money to give themselves bonuses. On top of that we have a president who a few months ago put forth the proposition that Biden was a weakling, who now is doing the crying about losing, say the election was rigged because he didn’t win. I personally think, like a lot of people, Democrats and Republicans are all liars. Vote yourselves raises and vote against term limits; they are suppose to be working for taxpayers. I feel Biden and Trump are both too old, along with Feinstein and McConnell!

Michael Gordon


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