Rants and Raves | Dec. 30, 2020

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Santa Barber: J’s Barbershop provides holiday haircuts for the homeless – What a wonderful story about Mr. Lopez from J’s Barber Shop. Thank you for helping the homeless and helping this community.

COVID-19 – So who’s really at risk here from COVID-19? Current data says it’s people above 55 with underlying health conditions and family owned businesses. So why are the blue invaders in this state calling for shutdowns and mask mandates?

JC Penney store closing in Kingman – It’s time to break up the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Walmart and take back our country from the oligarchs who use their power to buy government votes that favor them over small businesses. Term limits, too!

JC Penney store closing in Kingman – I’m so sorry to hear Penneys is closing. My grandmother took me to their grand opening on the corner of Fifth and Beale in the mid-1940s. I actually remember what she bought for me and remember several employees.

JC Penney store closing in Kingman – The strategy of ignoring COVID-19 to keep businesses afloat is a failure. To save local businesses, we must contain the virus spread so people can shop safely. Continue on the current course, and Penneys will be the first of many.

William Ressegue letter: Congress balks at $2,000 but hands out billions – I’ve got to go with Mr. Ressegue on this one. Our government needs to stop filling the pockets of politicians and lobbyists and start concentrating on the people who voted them into office.

William Ressegue letter: Congress balks at $2,000 but hands out billions – Agree with letter writer. Since we can no longer rely on elections we must stop the gravy train of re-elected politicians by limiting terms. Ignorant and apathetic citizens, gerrymandered districts and greed has destroyed our electoral system.

Kingman man’s eastern Arizona sheep hunt short but sweet – Another beautiful God’s creation’s life shortened because of a man with a gun, a photo op, and a head mounted in his den.

Kingman man’s eastern Arizona sheep hunt short but sweet – The fact that someone would intentionally murder a magnificent animal is appalling. What is wrong with people who would kill on purpose? “Sportsman” is a ridiculous and offensive euphemism.

AP’s Hunter Biden tax probe story in Miner – This is your worry? How come you never cared about Trump’s tax returns?

The cluster of mailboxes on N. Central Street between Hualapai Mountain Road and Motherlode Road needs to be moved. It’s a busy road with an accident waiting to happen when residents stop to pick up their mail.

COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death of Americans. We now have over 118,00 hospitalized patients and over 3,400 deaths in just one day. What happened to “this is a hoax and it’ll disappear with warm weather.”

Linda Athens letter: Trump needs to veto the relief bill – More than half the “facts” in this letter are untrue; the rest of the information is skewed. Nancy Pelosi did not drag her feet; Mitch McConnell blocked the bill.

Ducey thanks virus workers and volunteers; deaths remain high – Let’s all thank our front-line workers with the gift of taking the essential steps to slow the spread of this deadly virus. Mask, distance, hands; stay home when you can.

Arizona GOP Reps. Gosar, Biggs and Schweikert voted against the COVID bill. These congressmen have no idea what their constituents are going through with no money, evictions and no food because these representatives continue to get paid.

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