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Sat, Jan. 22

Community View | Happy New Year, Mohave County.

The United States Constitution is already the law of the land, so it seems a bit redundant to declare Mohave County as a "Constitutional Sanctuary County." But I can get on board, as long as this "constitutional sanctuary" is enacted in a nonpartisan manner, and not just the Republicanized version of the Constitution.

"My body. My choice." Fantastic! As long as this is applied equally and fairly to everyone's body, including a woman's body, and not just Republican mouths and noses.

We also need to support the full 2nd Amendment, and not just the Republican version where the "well regulated militia" part is completely ignored.

And I'm all for supporting religious freedom, as long as it includes the atheists, humanists, wiccans and satanists.

And perhaps our supervisors will start responding to all 1st Amendment-protected petitions for redress of grievance, and not just the ones from their Republican base, like this call for a redundant declaration as a "constitutional sanctuary." The truth is, I'm not really sure Mohave County Republicans actually understand that every citizen has constitutional rights, even the Democrats, Libertarians and Independents. Because they keep electing the same dysfunctional people who uphold only the parts of the Constitution that serve their personal agenda (like the congressman who had to be sued to stop violating constituents’ 1st Amendment rights on his official social media, and our entire board of supervisors who simply ignore petitions for redress of grievances).

So yes, absolutely, let's declare Mohave County a Non-Partisan Constitutional Sanctuary. Maybe then, all citizens' rights will be respected, and not just the disgruntled Republicans.

(J’aime Morgaine is a Kingman resident.)

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