Rants and Raves | Jan. 1, 2021

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Mohave County Supervisors delay ‘Constitutional Sanctuary’ decision until Jan. 4 – Why agree to vote on this far-right radical resolution? Ducey’s orders are not anti-constitutional any more than drunk driving laws or shirts for restaurants. Deny selfish anti-maskers COVID medical treatment instead of coddling them. Ducks have more protections than children.

Mohave County Supervisors delay ‘Constitutional Sanctuary’ decision until Jan. 4 – Based on this article, what is wrong with passing the resolution? Across this nation the rule of law and our constitutional rights are being violated and many judges are OK with it.

7 more County residents die from COVID-19 complications – Seven more deaths and 571 new cases? And the county’s response is to try to pass a sanctuary rule to prevent regulations mitigating the spread of COVID-19? Time for those of us at high risk to speak up loud and clear!

North Central mailboxes rant – As the mailbox “owner” on N. Central I certainly can attest to the busy traffic when I pick up my mail. More importantly, I can attest to most of the traffic ignoring 30 mph traffic zone. That is the real problem, not the mailboxes!

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