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Wed, Aug. 10

Column | Jean Bishop: It’s just an intermission

This is a difficult time for all of us. The COVID-19 issue has raised a wide variety of concerns in Mohave County, creating health risks and daily concerns difficult to comprehend.

Our “keep the business lights on, no, let’s turn some off” orders have made it extremely tough.

We’ve gotten mixed messages on wearing masks from concerned leaders on both sides. It’s a new dynamic that’s caused many of us to shake our heads and wonder: “What’s next?”

I certainly don’t have all of the answers. Frankly, nobody does. I do know that it’s vital that we pay close attention to our health authorities who are trying their best to guide us on important decisions that will put us on equal footing to handle the challenge of a demonic pandemic.

It’s not that easy facing COVID-19, as we’ve learned.

Just when we thought things were getting better and we could at least return to what some were calling a “COVID Normal,” our county saw a major spike in cases. The same is true for the rest of Arizona. We’ve had to readjust yet again.

We need to focus on each other, consider all of our options, listen to our health department, and determine exactly how we can encourage our citizens to act responsibly when out in the public or when in groups.

Our key county priority as an elected board right now is dealing with COVID-19 and adapting as best we can, focusing on our public health, and continuing our modified day-to-day living. I believe we must make proper adjustments to make things better for the future and work together, even though opposing views exist among us.

We do not have clear answers regarding this issue. On a daily basis, it is often confusing, frustrating and troublesome. It certainly hurts all of us to see deaths or suffering occur due to COVID-19. There are disputes over its actual severity and danger, but there is little question, it is affecting all of us in some unhealthful way. Our response is challenging, but to do nothing is selfish and unacceptable.

The anxiety felt in our community is not isolated. We’re all in this together and it’s not a time to be selfish or unresponsive. We have a shared sense of responsibility. We remain neighbors, strangers or not. We must practice social distancing, wash our hands thoroughly for everybody’s sake, including yours, and wear masks when required in public.

This will not last. This is only an intermission in our usual daily lives. It may be a lengthy intermission, but it will come to an end. We don’t know precisely when, but, a rainbow is just ahead.

Afterwards, we should ask what lessons did we learn from all of this? Hopefully, we’ll be proud of our shared personal responses. We’ll know that we did our best.

Meanwhile, stay safe. Stay strong. Stay with us.

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