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Sat, Jan. 22

Community View | We are not sheep

In the Community View “You bet your life” by Jim Consolato (July 5 Kingman Miner), he left out a third group when trying to put us all into two groups of sheep.

There are those of us who do care and respect others and are not defying authority. But we believe hiding behind doors and masks is only going to prolong this pandemic.

Everyone will be exposed sooner or later. Some will be asymptomatic, some will get sick, some will get very sick, and some will die. The only thing masks and staying at home will do is reduce your immunity and destroy the economy.

I am 71, obese and have emphysema, and I have extreme difficulty wearing a mask. But I believe exposure is inevitable, and yes, I may die from it.

Consolato acknowledges there are many reports on the hazards of wearing and on the hazards of not wearing masks. Don’t condemn us just because our conclusion of these reports and how to get through this crisis is different than yours.

Please don’t accuse us of being uncaring, disrespectful or rebelling against authority. We simply feel just as strongly about our way of getting through this as you do.

We will continue to wash our hands and keep our surroundings as sanitary as possible, and we will respect your social distancing. But we will not risk our health by staying at home or wearing a mask.

(Judith Smith is a resident of Kingman.)

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